Thursday, 21 October 2010

Budapest days 2-4

Well I've been a busy bee. On Tuesday I went to see the modelling agent here to talk about schedules, girls, fees etc. Our original plans had gone out of the window due to girls buggering off to Venus! But not a problem for the maginficent agents over here. Within 20 minutes, the whole series had been re-sorted. Now thats efficiency for you. Why doesn't it work like this in the UK? Girls answer their phones, the agents don't just work 10-5, you can always contact them and lastly, if a girl lets you down (this has happened only twice in 10 years) another 'babe' will turn up within an hour! 
Then on Wednesday I had been booked to shoot for Diabolic/Zero Tolerance who were filming over here in Budapest. I got to shoot a fucking hot scene with Jamaica,  a lovely guy who's a seasoned pro! We had to shoot a soft and a hard scene but we both needed to fuck so both scenes were hard in the end. I must've been good as the cameraman, who is Christophe Clarkes man - who's shot over 1000 scenes - said I'd given him a hard on which when he was filming porn was as 'rare as rocking horse poo'! well chuffed! I flew the flag for the filthy English girls who like fucking. When I know the name of the film I'll blog it, but think its something along the lines of MILF's and big cocks! lol
Thursday, Jim wakes up at 8.15 to go to the dentist as he has a grumbling pain. I''m packing to go off to the location where we'll be filming for the next 2 days. I look at my watch at 11.30 and think better phone him, but phones off. Nothing strange, he's always forgets to turn it back on and he's probably gone for a coffee with a pal.
Then, the front door opens and in comes Jim looking like he's been put on the floor and had his head kicked in!!!!!!!! He'd been in the dentist chair for 3 hours! He needed a tooth takne out that had split into 3 pieces and the dentist had to wrangle each bit out with a pair of pliers. His face and lip were massively bruised. So with true British grit, I bundled him on the sofa with a duvet, the laptop and a nice cup of Twinings! I then set off in search of the only other thing you require in your hour of need (Jims last request form his sick bed).... marmite. However, I know of the shop that does this over here and it's a God-send. Culinaris is the name, importing foods the game. So I went and cooked boiled eggs with Marmite soldiers and dosed him up with pain killers. Such a difference from the day before! 
Then, I had to ring the agent and location and change the order of the scenes again and cancel the location. There is no way Jim can film tomorrow looking like The Elephant Man - his words not mine. Although at least he would have an excuse for his dribbling over the babes with his droopy mouth.
Right, am going to snuggle up on sofa, have a fight with the Mac (i'm writing this on my wonderful Samsung N150 netbook) to upload this onto the net (dongle doesn't work on Windows 7 - hmm there's a flaw in the netbooks wonderfulness)! Why do thing's have to bounce up and down all over the Mac screen? Jimbos also got a voice activated thing which when you open anything up a robot says it. For example - Safari needs your attention - when you open up the web browser. Except Jims changed what it says, which can be funny when I opened up Safari sitting next to my mum an it went 'I am now opening up hot porno action'!
Anyway, that's it for this installment. xxx

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  1. Great read Lara! Ive seriously just finished wanking to ya (lol). Some old guy was fucking ya. Anyways, see ya Lara.