Sunday, 7 November 2010

My week back in London

This is my new look. Howdy! My new hair and daisy dukes and i'm ready to go. Yee Haw!

A busy week in London for me. I landed in Luton early last Saturday morning and had to lug my  40kilo suitcase over to Surrey, a prospect I was not looking forward to, especially since my hand luggage bag handle had snapped. However, along my journey 3 kind strangers offered to help me up and down flights of stairs to which I was so grateful, I texted into the Metro good deeds section how chivalry wasn't dead. So next time you see someone struggling, offer them a helping hand. I certainly have since this reignited my faith in Man.
I dashed off to do a multitude of tasks in preparation for my return to Budapest a week later, loving driving in the nice green hills of Surrey and observed how since only being away for 2 weeks, the trees had turned a lovely Autumnal golden colour. I went and saw my mum and brother and got into a weird conversation about sex on camera. I did ask her if she was preparing for her own porno but she never answered the question!!! I then went and had a lovely lazy evening watching QI, Mock The Week and Have I got News For You on the goggle box. Nice! Finished off with a bath and a cheeky wank about shagging one ofthe girls Jim had the pleasure of the week before. It just had to be done! ;-))
On Sunday I rose early and went fora swim, steam and sauna. I miss doing this in Budapest as the baths there are for the tourists and cost a tenner a visit! However, running around the city is amazing exercise in itself so i'm not in danger of turning into a fat blob anytime soon. lol. I then went to Tony & Guy to get my hair coloured by my most excellent colourist Kerry. She is sooo amazing and I love her to pieces. She's got all the gossip and is actually a very genuine and likeable girl. Big up, whoop whoop! Then went to see my best pal Sarah and her twin sister and son. When you walk into a house so full of laughter and with a 2 year old singing Alesha Keys on the karaoke, you can't help but smile. What made me really gawp in wonder is how he knows so much about technology. He's so damn clever with the iphone games and they're not games for 2 year olds either. I am ashamed to admit that he beat me on the Nintendo WII ping pong game. Got whooped by a 2 year old, I will gladly hold my hands up to it. I 'd also gone around to look through bridesmaids dresses as Sarahs sis Emma had asked me to be hers. I'm so excited and pleased to have been asked. I've never been a bridesmaid before, but i've been a bride so that's alright! hahahaha. We decided we weren't going to have tangerine orange or lime green and that all other citrus colurs were banned too. Phew!
I left there so late I jumped into bed and did a cheeky phone chat. If you're interested in this or phone chat, text chat, my photos, films or meeting me then check out Soon I will also be offering webcam so we can have some filthy fun too!
On the Monday I was up early and off to Tower Bridge on my monthly tour. My next tour is in December now (dates to be confirmed, but will before the 20th). In preparation for Christmas and the lack of sexual shenanigans due to family obligations, you should all come and see me so I can wear you out beforehand! obviously I can't tell you any more details due to client confidentiality but I had a lot of fun and laughter as always.
I am writing this blog on the Malev flight back to Hungary. I can't wait to see Jimbo again. I miss his unique sense of humour and the fact he acts not like his age. I thought I kept him young but in hindsight I think it's the othe way around.

And the last but most important piece of news I have is that the designers in Holland have sent me the initial design for my website. It AMAZING!!! A big thanks to Rik who has the ability to take a few snippets from Jim's mind and turn them into something fantastic. It links mine and Jims sites together perfectly and is just well, you'll have to wait until it's launched. I'm not sure when it going to go live hopefully around Christmas time (yes, this year) or maybe January. I'll keep you posted on it's progress. But my site will be called It's where I get up to all sorts of antics depending on my mood. I usually wear nylon stockings or becasue I feel like it, I wear normal or fishnet stockings. So from one week to the next you never know who i'm going to fuck or what i'll be wearing!!!

Right gotta sign off, they'e not putting much oxygen around this plane and i'm starting to doze off. Will blog again in the next couple of days and let you know what babes we'll be filming for 1. the Jim Slip Television X show 2. My website or 3. The Jim Slip website (

Don't forget,my slogan for the day:
'A kite flies higher against the wind, not with it'. Winston Churchill.



  1. Great blog really glad you started always wondered what you got up to. Keep it up!