Sunday, 29 May 2011

Wow what a year so far!

 Haven't blogged in ages so I thought i'd let you know what's happening in my world. This year so far i've:

1. Won a Television X SHAFTA award for Best Loved Character back in April.
2. Won an Erotic Award for Sex Worker of the Year.
3. My website has gone live!

So i've been uber busy picking up awards. For my first, the SHAFTA, I was up against my husband Jimslip who won the same category last year and also the likes of Bendover and Billie Bhati of Big Brother, so I didn't expect to win. I received my award from Marino and Charmaine Sinclaire. What a pair they are, and i don't mean Charmaines boobs!

I was nominated for my Erotic Award by Michael Forbes who was a previous winner had nominated me for Sex Worker of the year. I initially thought, well I havent got a chance in hell of winning this award, so i filled in my questionnaire and thought nothing more of it. Then, I get an email saying I was in the top 3! Wow! So i checked out the competition as you do and thought there is doubly no chance i've got a chance of winning this award now. Anyway I turned up on the night courteousy of @buzzbeyond's taxi (one of my twitter framily) with Jimbo in his suit and me in my 50's flowery dress with seamed stockings on. We certainly stood out as this is THE Fetish night of the year and everyone else was in the usual rubber stuff. With the successful and well loved Tuppy Owens leading the evening it was an amazing event and I loved the huge phalic chandelier hanging in the courtyard.

The winner of the Male Sex Worker of the Year Category was Josh Brandon. So if you're experimental check his website out here: John Escort. ( He is a lovely guy and had me laughing so much when he kept turning round and bashing everyone with his fairy wings.We stayed until about midnight which you might not think is late but i'd just finished my monthly tour up to London (click here for more info) and it was so successful I had trouble not walking around bandy-legged! hahahaha Getting my flying golden cock award home was rather eventful as you can imagine!

Anyway, the week after, after waiting nearly 2 years to get it started........MY WEBSITE WAS LAUNCHED!!!! YAY! I had little notice as they emailed me saying sign this form on the wednesday, we're launching on Friday. And Lo! It was done! I'm so pleased with it. It looks different from everyone elses and it's got a retro theme which I love. The best bit of it is, if you're a memeber of the website them my site is free. If you join my site then jimslip is free. So thats over 350 scenes to start with! wow! It will be updated every 2 weeks with a new scene and more wankable filth for you to enjoy.


  My Erotic Award

Me & Josh Brandon





  1. Congrats on your awards! Man you look soooo hot. I crave for you so bad.

  2. Thanks! I love my awards and I love hearing from my fans. Thank you for posting.