Friday, 17 June 2011

Absolute Mayhem!

Well geetings from a sunny day - well it would be sunny - 38,000 feet up in the air on the way back from Budapest. Jimbo and I have decided that we will only fly with Malev now due to the stress we endure flying with Easyjet. Especially when they lock the doors on the transfer bus up and leave you standing on the tarmac for 30 minutes with no air conditioning.

Anyway, I've had a hectic 12 days in Budapest filming internet scenes for and also starting filming the first half of Jimslips Euro MILFs series. These women are gorgeous and look amazing in their svelt outfits and stockings. Forget the slut look we've gone for full on glamour with seamed stockings, heels and tailored dresses. 

I love filming Jimbo and I also take the photographs as well as organise the girls, model releases, ids, sandwiches, teas and coffees. Although I've been told i'm a crap tea maker, so its probably a good idea to make your own if I ever offer!! 

I did a solo photoshoot in Budapest in my french maids outfit and another lovely girly dress with a lovely sexy ruffled underskirt. Make sure you see the full sets on adultwork. I needed a new set in my french-maids outfit as all the others have me with short hair and I did some naughty pov ones with Jimbo as he was taking the photos.

Well i'm travelling alone at the moment as Jimbo is coming back tomorrow morning. He didn't want to stay in the flat in Budapest on his own as there's a big renovation going on in the flat above us. We had 1 days filming disrupted by the noise and that was a bloody long day by the time we finished. Mind you they're annoying everyone in the building and there are lots of notes posted in the elevator telling them to clear up and also keep the noise down. (I cannot read Hungarian, I got someone to translate this for me)!!!

So my busy schedule continues as such:

Tuesday - Get back to Blighty, get the train home, pick up car, go to best mates house and pick up my bridesmaid shoes (all after 9pm tonight)
Wednesday - Go shopping with porno pal Paige Turnah in Bicester Village to get dress, hat etc for Thursday
Thursday - Thursday go to Ascot Ladies Day with 5 other Adultwork girls (expect a blog and photos about this day)!!
Friday - Pack for Turkey and UKAP porn industry party in Vauxhall on a barge.
Saturday - Get up early for flight to Turkey for my best pals twin sisters wedding.

Then when i get back i have 1 day off then my tour for London for 4 days, then fly back to Budapest the next day for Jimbos birthday and stay and film the rest of the TelevisionX series! So have you all got that as I will be asking questions later!

I watched 2 films that I thought were good while I was there. One was Joyeaux Noel a drama about the first world and when they all stopped in certain parts of the trenches on Christmas Day to sing carols, play football and bury their dead. It was very moving and made me think about the futility of war where no mans land was less than 20 metres wide and hundreds of thousands of men and boys as young as 16, lost their lives. The second film was Pans Labyrinth. Now I have no idea what point the film was trying to make, but I loved the effects and adored the lighting in it. The story - well Guillermo Del Torro, whatever you're smoking, i'm staying away from!!

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