Monday, 18 July 2011

Cinematic Tragedy and Editing Marathon

Hi folks and folkettes!
Well the rain has finally come to Budapest. I'd just come out of the metro in a white micro denim skirt (having gone into the metro in blazing sunshine) and got soaked. At least this should clear the muggy weather we've been having. I'm editing at the moment anyway, so I'm safe from the thunder indoors. I'm editing up JimSlips Euro MILFs and it's looking very good. I have to say that the camerawoman who filmed it (me) is rather fantastic! haha. We've still got another  2 MILFS to film, but this is turning out to be an excellent series. If you love women dressed elegantly, in sexy heels, Jackie Onassis style dresses, seamed stockings, suspenders and gloves, then this is the series to watch. It should be on TelevisionX in the Autumn so look out for it.

Not only have I been filming my husband for this, but he's been getting his paws on some really hot teens for his website. Don't forget if you're a member of my site, you get his for free and vice versa. So thats over 450 scenes for you to whip yourself into a frenzy over. With the likes of Henessy, Nataly Gold, Nataly Von, Iwia as well as a host of other beauties coming up on I will issue a *wank warning*! 

I went to see the last Harry Potter film in 3D with Jim Slip and Frank Thring and I was very disappointed. I watched the 1st part of the final film (?!?) in 2D and I should have watched this one in 2D too. It just doesn't work in 3D, it was an after thought and not enough effects to justify the 3D title. Just keep things as they are thats what I say, its a bit like when Star Wars introduced Ja Ja Biggs (HUUUUUGE MISTAKE). I think the story is great and I will return to the cinema to see it in 2D. Although I do suggest to people to watch the first part of the final film again before going as it does test you to remember what's going on, especially the details around Snape *spoiler alert*. Luckily the cinema is so cheap in Hungary, I'd be rather annoyed if i'd paid to see it in the UK and came out feeling like I did.

Also, i've been tweaking my site with Jimbos help. It needed a revamp and i've changed the colours, photos and wording. Let me know what you think.

Don't forget my motto, 'fun for all and all for fun'! So whatever you're doing this week, enjoy yourself!

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