Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Successful escort tour to London

Well what a week i had on my tour in London. Thanks for everyone who came to see me and sorry for those who couldn't get an appointment as I was just too busy. I love doing my tours and getting to meet my fans as well. I received some great feedback from my clients and thoroughly enjoyed my time with every single client. As i'm in Budapest for a whole month, I will not be able to do a July tour, so look out for my August tour Monday 8th - Friday 12th August!!!! I am taking bookings for this tour NOW! Check out my escorting website www.french-maid.co.uk to find out how to contact me. Make sure you book well in advance as I have previously mentioned, there were many dissappointed clients last time, who left it too late to get an appointment. So my advice..... tell your secretary to put in the diary NO MEETINGS THAT WEEK!!!!! 

Im writing this blog from my apartment in Budapest as after my tour in London, I had one Saturday evening at home and then jetted off to be with my husband JimSlip as it was his birthday. I got him an ipad2 which he's been playing with non-stop and is now playing a car racing game where you use the ipad as a steering wheel. I think i'll put this on my wishlist as I'd LOVE one too! The day after his birthday we filmed a stunning babe in a lovely flowery dress with long socks and the sexiest butt ever (Jims words) called Viktoria Diamond for the www.jimlip.com website, so check that out when it goes live September time. Then we went out for dinner with friends to the Dionysus Greek Restaurant on Belgrad Karut. One of these pals was Frank Thring who is Jimbos best pal who managed to give him a lovely bottle of wine and then an hour later smash it, with his own umbrella!! Nice one Frank! We ordered mixed starters and then the best dish in the house, which said it was for 4 people on the menu (there were 5 of us) and it actually could've fed 7 people. It was HUGE! Giant crabs legs, whole pieces of fish, mussels, fish skewers...the list goes on, it really was lovely. If you're ever over in Budapest, do check it out. Brilliant food at reasonable prices.

Anyway, i'm back in the thick of a filming frenzy now, casting girls to complete our TelevisionX series JimSlips Euro MILFs. Also i've got a scene for another company on Friday where I throw a small guy around the room and then wank him off for a wrestling website! This is why I love my job, it changes every day and I get to meet so many different types of people. I'll let you know how I get on, as I don't know that many wrestling moves. If i'm losing, i'll just sit on his face! I have another 2 JimSlip scenes to film this week so i'll let you know how they go and there also another update on my website to look out for on Friday!

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