Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Wrestling with a guy & the weather!

Phew what a scorcher! Its been 34 degrees in Budapest for over a week now and it suppose to get hotter. Fantastic I hear you say, not when we're filming you hear me say. The heat causes all sorts of problems including fatigue, equipment over-heating and also girls make-up having to be reapplied every 15 minutes. But these things are sent to try us so we pick ourselves up and carry on doing our best. I kind of thrive on things not going perfectly and you can often end up with a better result in the process. Jimbo and I are over here in Budapest still filming for TelevisionX the UK soft porn channel and also for the www.jimslip.com website. Each day brings a different looking girl with a different character and we don't mould them into 1 specific 'type of girl', we use their own personality traits and allow them to be themselves on camera which is quite unique for a porn site. 

We had a new makeup artist join the Jimslip team on Monday and I was rather nervous as they can often dictate how long your shoot will take and also the look of the shoot. However, she is as superb as our other one. So we have gained, hoorah! We look forward to working with both of them for many more scenes in the future.

The lift and carry scene for a wrestling website I did went really well. It wasn't something i'd normally be asked to do. I had to do various lifting of a guy called Immy who spoke no English and then wank him off. The second scene I was humiliating Immy and making him fuck me with a dildo. It was soo funny as the bench we were working on collapsed during my orgasm! I just carried on like a professional so it will end up on the final cut. I might consider doing some of this for my site....Jim Slip watch out!

I'm really getting into The Sopranos at the moment. Yes I know the last series finished ages ago, but i've just started watching series 1. I would love to have been location and costume finder on this show, they're all excellent and well sourced. I really like the one-liners the characters come out with and that they've actually shown the soft side to a mafia boss. Although i'm sure that along the way there will also be a lot of violence and bloodshed which i'm not so keen on. 

I'm planning some shoots for the first week in August and have already pencilled in working for a cross-dressing website. I usually work with Paige Turnah for these shoots and I look forward to seeing her again as we have such a laugh filming dressing guys up and humiliating them. I've also got a photographic shoot lined up but more about that when it's a definate.

Also i'll be webcamming on the 1st August. So if you're in a far away region of The World then check me out for some 1 on 1 time via the web. You'll be guaranteed a filthtastic time! Keep reading my blogs and nearer the time i'll tell you how you can see me.

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