Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fun in the park and Monkey Mayhem!

Well folks since i've arrived in Budapest its been a steady 35 degrees and scorch! This means lots of girls walking around wearing next to nothing and lots for me to ogle. We've filmed 3 top babes already for my husbands website and been having huge fun along the way. Girls to look for coming up later in the year are Bettina, Dolly & Sunny. This week coming we're filming 3 more babes, it's just non-stop totty at the moment and I love it!

I went with Jim Slip and Frank Thring to see Rise of Planet of The Apes or a I called it 'Monkeys on the Run' much to Franks annoyance (he's a film buff) and I thought it quite good. I did laugh out loud at the Gorilla jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge onto the helicopter but I won't go into too much more detail for those who haven't seen it. I haven't seen the last Planet of The Apes with Helena Bonham Carter as it seemed too freaky (I have a thing about  humans dressed as Chimps - see the Wheres Your Head video At by Basement Jaxx so you know where I'm coming from).

I'm also reading a book on my kindle called 'Burn, Baby, Burn by Jake Barton. I like reading crime and thriller books, but this is by far the most psychological disturbing one I've read in a while. I won't spoil it for those who like reading and I haven't actually finished reading it yet, but it's real page turner even't though I don't need to turn them on my kindle!

Good news this week, Television X has accepted the JimSlip EUROMILF series that Jim & I filmed during June and July of this year. So watch out for that appearing on your television screens in the Autumn. I think it was a fantastic series with glamourously dressed MILFs as i've mentioned in many of my previous blogs. 

Jim and I had a weekend off - the first in ages - and we've relaxed by The Danube and also been to City Park where I used my new long range stills camera lens. I love the effects it creates with depth of field. I also like that I've captured the bubbles bursting so there's a motion to the picture.

Anyway, I've got an action packed week and a flat move at the end of it. Yes we're moving flat in Budapest and I just don't know what to do with all the excess clothes and nik naks i've accumulated as they don't have charity shops over here. Guess i'll have to use my tried and tested method of leaving things on benches and in the telephone box downstairs until someone decides they can give them a new home (i've done this with numerous DVD's and books)!!!

Don't forget if you haven't seen the latest update on my website, it's with me being rather filthy with a tramp I sat next to and took back to my flat: this is one of my favourite updates as it was both fun and sexy. Another nylon stocking adventure not to be missed!

Have a good week!

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