Monday, 5 September 2011

Fighting with Cowboys and Aliens

Well I'm sat in an amazingly beautiful apartment in Budapest, which has chandeliers and amazingly old furniture. Yes, we've moved from our old apartment which was lovely too, but this surpasses anything i've lived in before. Its on a quiet street and although a little further out of the centre of Budapest, it's still got all the fantastic transport links near to it. So I can whizz in and out of the city to do my girly shopping and dining. Moving day for most people is a nightmare for most people but Jim and I move so often that we see it as a chance to throw/give away things that we don't use. Seeing as we also did our own moving by going 2 stops on the metro we really do save costs! In the end we had 5 suitcases, 3 boxes and an Ikea bag, see I told you I was a good packer-upper!

Before our pack-a-thon, we have been filming more babes for I don't know what they're eating or whats in the water, but they all look so healthy with a voracious appetite for sex. People often ask us why we're in Budapest so much and my answer is that this is where the babes are now. They come from all over Europe and outside of it, to work here. Yes i'd love to film in the UK more often but we just cant get the amount of girls we need to provide with a new girl as an update each week.

So i've been behind the camera a lot and soon it will be my turn to come out and have some fun. I'm going to be filming more scenes for my website in October and i'm starting to plan what i'd like to do and who with and it's going to be huge fun, I can't wait.

Last week JimSlip, Frank Thring and I went to see Cowboys and Aliens at the cinema. Noe I have reservations about 2 things in film: Cowboys and also aliens, so I wasn't ecstatic about having both of then in the same film but I persevered. Surprisingly, it was a rather good film. Yes it was rather far fetched but I really liked the explosions and the sound effects and the wide landscape cinematography. If I had only seen it on DVD then I would have thought what was all the fuss about. One question though, why do aliens always have to jump out on you? Those are the bits that make me close my eyes - I listen to the music so i know when to open them - I open them and damn aliens are always a second too late, so I jump out of my skin!! Damn aliens!!

This week i've been reading a real chick lit book, which really isn't me. Its called Remix by Lexi Revellian. It's, you've guessed it, a book about a lead singer of a band that's come back from a faked death to prove that he didn't commit a murder and also claim his millions back from his chump of a manager. It's fast paced, easy to read, more unbelievable than the Cowboys & Aliens film, but good fun. I'm just about to go into the kindle store and buy another book so lets hope it's recommendations throws up something a bit more exciting for me. The trouble s i've read most of the top 50 if not top 100 on the kindle bookstore so i'll have to rummage around it, like in a real bookshop and hep to find a good read.

We've got another couple of days off before we resume filming schedule part 2, so i'm relaxing in my surroundings, will hopefully get out to Szentendre outside of Budapest and also catch some rays by inside the Gellert Spa (which contains the worlds deadliest wave machine - i've seen pensioners get knocked over in less than 1 foot of water it's that bad).

Have a good week!

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