Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My New Series - Laras Men In Uniforms!

So last weekend one of my good friends, Paige Turnah arrived in Budapest ready for a weeks work in Hungarian Porno Land. It’s good to be able to have girly chats with someone who properly understands what i’m saying, rather than just nodding politely and saying ‘yes’ in a few places. I’m writing this blog as she’s getting rodgered by a Hungarian stud who i’ve had the pleasure of, for my website: www.laralatex.com. He’s the tramp I meet on a park bench and take him back to my apartment and fuck him senseless. He had a rather huge dick and I enjoyed that scene immensely so check it out!

This week I received the good news that I have another Television X series, ‘Laras Men in Uniforms’ to film. Fantastic! I get to choose lots of good looking men to shag, dressed up as sexy pilots, mechanics, road workers etc. I will be taking the research for this series very seriously - in other words, pawing through mens profiles looking at how fit they look and how big their dicks are!

We’ve almost come to the end of our stay in Budapest and as usual there are some extremely hot babes we’ve filmed for www.JimSlip.com The standard of girl on our website is just amazing at the moment and I can honestly say that each scene has been great fun to film. The girls get into the spirit of the shows and when I say ‘just do what you want to Jim’, they look at me with a wicked glint in their eyes, pause for 2 seconds and then pounce on an unsuspecting Jim. These girls are seriously rampant and leave Jimbo a crumpled heap in the corner after 30 minutes of using his cock. I’m not complaining, I love seeing my husband used and believe that we are the most perverted couple in British porn. Hence our slogan, ‘Lara and Jim, putting the shock and phwoar into British porn!’

I need to film some more scenes for my website www.laralatex.com during October and i’m looking for both male and female talent. You need to be good-looking, have your certificates to work, have a big dick and be free to work during the week, not the weekends and available to travel to Surrey. You must be willing to show your face on camera and also have references that I can check (so this CANNOT be your first scene). Please email me with your statistics, phone number and 2 full body shots - naked and clothed to: french-maid69@hotmail.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you. Have a good week and check out this sexy 3some adventure below!

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