Monday, 7 November 2011

Any port in a storm

Hello everyone!
Well I am on a fast and furious filming schedule at the moment. Interspursed with running around Budapest like a loony to find uniforms and props for my Laras Men in Uniforms series for TelevisionX, (a British television channel for my foreign fans). So far  I have filmed the Sailors scene which featured 2 very hunky, muscly and well hung men, 1 from Italy and Romania. As soon as they walked into the location they had me and my make up artist drooling. When they stripped off to change into their outfits, our jaws almost hit the floor. All I was thinking was that they're both for meeeee! A big thanks to Frank Thring for suggesting that 'I might like them' and organising them for me. I was being made up to look like a cheap trashy prostitute who's waiting on the docks for passing trade - so not much different from real life really! The scene is absolutely amazing. Hot, sweaty and also passionate sex, which you don't see much of in porn. We were also kept entertained by Frank Thring running around the set singing 'Ship Ahoy!' which had us all laughing, especially as each time he sang he had to sing it all the way through and wouldn't stop until he had. I am filming tomorrow with 3 guys, but i will blog more of that next week when i have some pics to show you. 

I have also been filming for JimSlip. He had the pleasure of 2 girls for a b/g/g scene with Bibi Noel & Avril Sun for his banga-banga party. Then a scene with Kitty Black a tall girl with a wonderful bum from Siberia. These updates will be up on  over the festive period. The bang-banga party is a must see as its one of the horniest scenes i've filmed for him and i've filmed over 400 scenes!

This week i've also been to the cinema to see The Guarda which was an easy story to watch and very funny too. The freaky thing was Jimbo and Frank Thring both telling me afterwards, yes that's what the Irish are like! Hmmm i think they were pulling my leg, the wags. 

Another example of my dopiness was on the 5th November when I was thinking to myself, the Hungarians are very reserved on the run up to fireworks night, as I haven't heard any (its normally like Beirut in the UK - from September onwards with the sound of fireworks). Then I asked Jimbo if we were going to any fireworks parties that night and he looked at me with his 'can you be asking me this daft question' face. Then and only then did it dawn on me that Guy Fawkes isn't a world wide historical figure. Doooooooooooh! 

I'll just stick to organising porn shoots I think!

Have a good week and watch out for another update on Friday 11th November on my website I'm actually getting a little bit excited as it's also my birthday in a week or so and i'll be in the UK this year to celebrate.

Have a good week. 


  1. You are very strong Ms Latex, dou you do lift and carry sessions too? I'd love to be carry in your arms haha