Thursday, 16 February 2012

Woo Hippo! Nominated for Television SHAFTA awards.

Right well I have some amazingly brilliant news to start with since I last wrote. I have been nominated for 6 awards at the Television X SHAFTA awards on 15th March:

Best Sex Scene - Laras Anal Adventures
Best Anal Scene - Laras Anal Adventures
Best Series - Laras Anal Adventures
Best Studio - JimSlip
Best Reality Series - Jim Slip Euroteens (I would like to win this as I directed, filmed, edited and made excellent tea for this series).

So please spare a moment and vote here: (You have to use a valid email address when voting, to confirm your vote).

I'm excited about the awards, not just for the actual winning, but just meeting up with the porno pals you've made over each year and saying hi again. Sometimes your paths don't cross that often and many cocks get in the way before your paths cross again. All the girls get glammed up and it makes a change to see many with their clothes on! Last year I went in a pair of rubber look leggings, just thinking i'll mingle, but I actually won an award, so this year i'll be making more of an effort, especially if i'm nominated for so many awards. Also my best pal Paige is up for Best New Starlet award, so while you're voting, make sure you tick her box as well. 

Since I last blogged i've started filming my next TVX series with my husband JimSlip. Its the first time we've properly worked together since being married 10 years ago. We've only thought that now was the time to work together as we'd both been content in filming each other shagging other people for our individual website and TVX shows. So far we've filmed 2 scenes and i'm not going to give too much away until the whole series had finished but we've both had the pleasure of girls and guys from our past shows, i finally got to wear some Latex, wear retro lingerie with seamed stockings and i even got anally cream-pied by 3 cocks, 1 cock belonging to the infamous Warren who has a legendary humungous whopper - so that scene is a definite watch when it comes to your screens -  Jimbo even tried his hand up at touching up makeup (not his own) on an unsuspecting Paige. 

I'm currently in Budapest and its freezing here, much colder than the UK was when it snowed. It was lucky we actually made it over as Malev airlines - The Hungarian National Airline - has gone bankrupt. We only found out due to a friend telling us and that was the day before we were due to fly. Unfortunately we then had to fly with Easyjet. Which meant dumping half of 1 suitcase due to the weight limit. Now it wouldn't be a problem if it was all my clothes, but we have to take lights and filming equipment and the price for excess baggage on Easyjet is - of course - much more than any other airline and often more than the cost of the flight itself! Anyway, we got here with only a slight feeling of being treated like cattle and are staying in the most beautiful apartment ever. The best part being its just off of Andrassy Utca, the most expensive shopping street in Budapest and it is literally 4 minutes to Gucci. Woo hippo!

I get asked a lot why I say woo Hippo! Its because of the predictive text function on my mobile phone and every time I typed woo Hoo (which i do a lot) it came out Woo Hippo instead. So there you go, its an easy explanation.

Well the filming schedule here is so hectic that we've only had 1 day off since I arrived. I've done some modelling for a photographer, a b/g video for the same photographer and I also worked again for a domination wrestling company. There's never a dull day in my life. In between organising and filming for and over here, i've been organising the filming schedules for when we get back to the UK. I have a lot of g/g scenes to film and also lots of b/g fun too, but more on them as and when they happen. If you wish to see me with any girl in particular then please let me know here or email me. I'm always open to suggestions, but only if they're realistic, as in, the girl is based in the UK or Europe. I do not often meet American girls so these suggestions are not particularly helpful unless you have some contact details to accompany the name.

JimSlip and I went to see War Horse on Valentines Day. Now i'm not one for celebrating this day really. We usually work on this day, just well because it's another day. If you love me, then you can show me the other 364 days of the year! So, back to War Horse. I got so upset that I almost walked out. I shouldn't have put myself through the torment of watching animals suffering. The story is, I agree, good, but and this is a huge BUT. Some parts of the CGI are terrible, so bad that you can see where 2 parts of the screen have been joined, the lighting continuity in the outside shots is awful. Whoever was responsible for that post production should be sacked. Also the ending with the Gone With The Wind sunset/standing on brow of hill……laughable. And I did laugh and I got told off for doing so. But seeing as i'd just witnessed the perils of using animals in warfare, I think I was, on reflection, allowed that laugh. 

Also, I have just had a great response to my Mugur scene that was on this week. I was in tight leggings for that show and tied up to be used. It felt lovely to be just used and fucked, rather than take the lead for once. It won't happen very often but i'm sure there will be a lucky guy along the way who will get to do the same thing again. This Fridays update (17th) will see Blanche taking over from Mugur. So we have so g/g action back on the site. Not just any g/g action but 6ft tall, legs clad in seamed stockings with tongues, fingers and dildos g/g action! I won't tell you any more, just take a look for yourself and read the text to accompany our scene for more info. 

Have fun!

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