Saturday, 3 March 2012

Leaping Lizards what a proposal!

Well its February 29th on a leap year. I wonder how many ladies have got down on one knee and proposed to an unsuspecting lover? All of my friends are traditionalists in quite a few aspects of their lives. From the man proposing, to the woman staying at home while he goes and forages (works) all day. They have a very romantic view of how their lives should be and I think how impossible it must be for any man to satisfy their needs. Yet they in turn would not swap shoes with me for 1 day, let along 10 years. For those who don't know - as i get asked this question so often - yes I am married to Jimslip. This March we will have been married for 11 years and have know each other for 13. Yes we fuck other people for a living, yes we film each other doing so, yes I am an escort and yes we both love our jobs and the lives we have. The main thing is that we are still happy after what I consider to be a small amount of time (i know someone who got divorced after being married for only 6 months (the marriage took 18 months to plan)). Yes, Jimbo and I are extremely unconventional in our approach to marriage and our lives. But it works for us. I have very understanding friends, I have a supportive family and have many porno pals. I'm sure life has many barrels of shit to chuck at me somewhere along the line, but hopefully we'll have the strength to get through them together. 

Anyway, yep you've guessed it, i'm writing this on a flight, but no, not the Malev flight we usually fly to and from Hungary on. Grrr, we're flying back on Sleazyjet and never again. British Airways has our custom from now on and the flights have already been booked for our return to Budapest in May. Before then, Jimbo & I have to edit the series we've been filming for Television X. I have to say that it's been incredibly horny filming with my husband. Both of us being in front of the camera for our first series in, well, the history of us. Yes we've done the odd scene together but this was a serious test. We both had to relax and have fun without both of us trying to direct at the same time and we achieved it. My favourite thing is Jimbo fucking a girl and me kissing him. It just stirs something in my pants!! lol

After this week I have an overwhelmingly busy schedule for the whole of March, filming some great British girls for the website and we're also off around the country filming for my website - good times!

On another note, the Television X SHAFTA awards are still open for voting until March 5th. Apparently voting is rather close in the MILF category, so please use your trigger fingers to vote for me here: Television X SHAFTAs As those of you who follow me on twitter know, I really would love to win Best Reality Series for JimSlips Euroteens. I had responsibility for the whole of this series. I wanted the responsibility and I directed, chose the girls, planned the clothes, location, chose the make-up style, edited, fluffed Jim (only joking, he didn't need it with those babes) and made a mean cup of tea for everyone. It was huge deal for me at the time and I make light of the situation now but it wasn't easy and I would like a teensy bit of recognition for it. Oh dman it VOTE FOR JIMSLIPS EUROTEENS IN THE BEST REALITY SERIES CATEGORY AT THE SHAFTAs (and anywhere you see Lara Latex or Laras All Anal Adventures or JimSlip. Thank you kindly :-))))))))) The awards are presented on 15th March and will be being streamed live for the first time. So check on the evening of the 15th.

We've also pre-nominated (whatever that means) for the Galaxy Awards. We are up against some big guns. By that I mean we are a 2 man band on the production front and we have an awesome team behind us hosting, maintaining the website and doing the geek stuff (they are the mice in the wheel). But we're pretty small against the likes of VivThomas, Private and Pierre Woodman. Let's hope the English gent brings home that award. More on the date and whether we made the next round as and when I find out.

This weeks update on my website on Friday is Seth. He wrote into my website and and asked 1) if he could fuck me on camera and 2) if he could specify the outfit I would wear. Why would I refuse such a request from a bicep bulging, big cocked fit, healthy, toned and tanned man??????? Have a look here: my website

And don't forget my motto:

Fun for all and all for fun! x

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