Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Motown Magic Dance Moves by a SHAFTA Double Winner!

Well since the last time I wrote, I have won 2 awards!!! Woo hippo! Jimbo and I attended the Television X SHAFTA awards, with it being a shipwrecked chic theme, he wore a Bermuda shirt and I ignored the dress code and went glam. I wore a sexy red dress and my lovely high, black patent Loboutins. It was a great evening and we got to catch up with loads of people we don't normally see as we're all to busy working the rest of the year. We presented the first award of the evening and then surprisingly we were back up on stage receiving the Best Series award for Laras Anal Adventures. I was really surprised to receive this award as its the best award of the evening and there were so many good series in the category. While I was talking to Tanya Tate on her red couch where she interviews all the winners, I ears my name called again!! This time i'd won Best Anal Scene for Laras Anal Adventures. This episode featured Rebecca Moore and Kris Vicious who had kindly allowed me to squeeze his cock in my bum! The whole series was a lot of fun to film and Jimbo and I would like to thank everyone who helped us make it .

We've also been editing at the moment and yesterday we handed in Jim & Laras Pick N Mix to Television X. It should be being aired over the summer and i'll let you know when its coming to your screens. It was the first series Jim and I had both appeared in together and we enjoyed making it. It was far less stressful than we'd anticipated in that we both normally try and direct  and it can lead to arguments. But I sat back and let Jimbo take charge and it was plain sailing. 

Last week we went to the O2 to see the 4 Tops, Tavares, The Temptations and The Crystals. I surprised myself by knowing nearly all the lyrics to the songs! It must be because Jim plays the songs on the stereo at home. My favourite group was Tavares. The beat the Temptations who just played too many songs and people got bored and the 4 Tops just sang about 6 songs and the rest were medleys which was annoying. Tavares had fantastic stage presence and had me copying their snazzy dance moves afterwards on the tube home, much to everyones amusement.

It was also Jimbo and I's 11th wedding anniversary. I can't believe how quickly 11 years has flown by! I also can't believe the shenanigans we've got up to in that 11 years. Theres not many people out there who can say they live and work with their partners 24/7, film their partners shagging other men/women, film others, edit, book models for their partners to shag and still be happy after 11 years. Different strokes for different folks I suppose (no pun intended)!

In a couple of weeks time we're off on holiday to Turkey to the hotel where I was a bridesmaid for 1 of my pals last year. It might not be mega hot over there, but we'll definitely enjoy gorging on the amazing food. This is the hotel I said wasn't 5 star, it was 7 star. I thoroughly enjoyed myself last time and I cannot wait to go back again.

In May, I'll be back over to Budapest to film more babes for the Jimslip website and i'll also be filming more scenes for my website. I've been filming some over in the UK and if you check out this weeks update: www.laralatex.com you'll see I accost a plumber who was packing his tools into his van and I persuade him to come and look at a blockage I have (thank Jim for me having to ay that line)!

Have a great Easter.