Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Clowns, Peeing & The Polo

Finding time to write blogs is extremely difficult, there's always 100 other things that get in the way of writing them. Since I last wrote, Jimbo has been busy archiving all his scenes as they'll be stashed away in a vault somewhere. It's a long drawn out process and Jim keeps running into where I'm working and going, do you remember this girl? Whats her name again? There have been so many girls that my husband has had the pleasure of it's actually quite unbelievable and now that my website has launched, i'll be getting my own share of cock and pussy on the way.

Recently I've had unite a few funny escapades that are updates on my website. Firstly we had 'the clown'. Now he has been a member of my website since last year and he's been badgering me week in and week out that he wanted to appear on camera with me. He shows me a picture of his cock and well, he was booked in straight away! He said he wasn't allowed to show his face due to his job and thats not a problem, i'm fairly easy going when it comes to protecting ones identity….if you've got a big cock!! haha  So I wasn't expecting him to turn up dressed as a clown and that he didn't ant to speak in case his voice was recognised as well!!! WTF! I just went along with it, its a hilarious idea of me getting ravaged by a clown that can only speak with his horn! lol Make sure you go and have a peak if you haven't already done so at

Then I had a long overdue scene with Paige to film. She's my best pal in the industry and we have a hoot when we're not filming. We both love posh shoes (Jimmy Choos & Louboutins) and nice handbags too. So when she came along, we went for full on retro, seamed stockinged, aline dressed, high heeled, 8 strapped garter belted fun! Yes we even used the old cine camera that Jim and I have on our shelves as a prop. So if you love really long (Paige and I are both nearly 6ft tall) legs clad in seamed stockings then you must check that update out.

Over the next 2 weeks I've got a lot of filming to do for my website. Jim is very far ahead with his updates but I like checking who's hot right now in the porn industry and filming with them. So if you have any suggestions of who i should film with then please let me know.

Over the last month I've done a couple of solo shoots of stills and video involving dildos and cream (see the photo) and also i did a peeing shoot out and about in the Surrey hills. I did actually drink too much water (about 4.5 litres in 2 hours) and flooded my body out of its salts and sugars. I was dizzy, couldn't speak coherently, couldn't concentrate and was extremely tired. When i got home Doctor Jimbo sorted me out and tucked me up in bed. All is ok though, it was my own fault and i have another shoot booked in with Paige. Duo peeing, will be wither fun or extremely frustrating as we can't pee at the same time!!

Great news is that I have tickets for the womens and mens beach volleyball semi-finals!!! Yay! I'm not just a perve, I actually used to play and be a middle hitter in the indoor games. Now I just don't have time to play with any other balls apart from the ones between mens legs!

I'm currently on tour and am having an hour off before I have my last client of the day. It was Jimbos birthday yesterday and I treated him by taking him to see Warhorse (the play). We've already seen the film, but our pals have all said the play is amazing….and it is. It was fantastic. I was in wonderment at the horses and how they moved and the actual weight of them, especially when they had riders on the back of them. For those of you who have no idea that i'm talking about please google it. 

Well it's raining in London. Lets be honest, when isn't it this year? I personally love the rain and even have an iPod track to listen to when i go to sleep!! haha maybe its me keeping the rain here. Lets hope it shoos away before i have to sit and watch the beach volleyball game in August.

Oooh i forgot to mention that Paige and I have been (thanks to a kind client) to the polo and The Queen was their! We took some photos, shouted tally ho a lot! and then went and stood on the divots. It was fun if cold day and we got to see lots of stallions - as well as the horses!! :D

Have fun!