Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Treadmill Traumas!

Well its been a pretty bad year up until now. Theres been 3 deaths in our family and also 1 close friend as well. Its been a sad time but i've learnt that you really must enjoy the time we have on this planet and look after ourselves the best we can, inside and out. So this meant that about 4 months ago i decided to get a personal trainer at my gym, to push me that bit harder. Harder! He had me crying after my session. But I went back with my aim of improving my core muscles (anything from zero has got to be an improvement right)? I hate running so i cycle and walk fast and on an incline on the tread mill to keep my lovely long legs in shape. I lost half a stone easily in 3 weeks and I've got some abs coming too. I now still hate my PT as he makes me work hard and do all these exercises to make me look and feel better but i hate him a little bit less (only joking, I love him a lot really).

I'm and I decided to have a little break in the UK, pre-funerals and pre-Budapest. We don't normally take a break in the UK and now I know why. !. It rains 2. Having to drive and getting stuck in traffic jams. 3. It's too bloody expensive! The price we paid for 4 days on Dartmoor could've got us a cheep self catering holiday somewhere hot. But the scenery was beautiful. We saw the infamous Dartmoor prison, pigged out on wonderful scones at Two Bridges, trekked up Haytor and fed polos to the ponies at the top, oh and panicked at tiny lanes where you could just about get 1 small car down, i dont know what happens when you meet another as its difficult enough driving forward, let alone haing to reverse.

We've just come back from another months filming over in Budapest. I made our schedule very tough this time. There were babes trawling in and out of the apartment nearly every day. We had girls from Spain, Poland, Croatia, Russia and of course Hungary. So watch out for this bevy of beauties coming to your screens over the next 6 months. We also filmed our Christmas specials while were there. Jim has a lovely babe and for mine I fucked my wonderful husband on camera in a sexy santa outfit. I don't fuck my husband on camera very often. Its about once every six months and its that time again, yippeeeeeeeee! I'm surprised it isn't worn out by all the other girls before I get my mouth on it!

Before the weather got cooler, Jim and I went out for a walk in the country and had a lovely afternoon stomping through the leaves, kicking them up and climbing trees. We're both big kids at heart, cant you tell. Hope you like the shorts and wellies combo in the picture below.

On a more classier day, I met up with pal Paige Turnah and spent the afternoon trawling Bond Street and ending up at the Dorchester Hotel for afternoon tea. It was an exhausting day for both my feet and my arm (for lifting the tea pot and lovely cakes). The sandwiches and little ice creams were amazing and I had a lovely day. I would say thought that the Ritz is still the best afternoon tea and that I am planning to visit there again but I just cannot get an appointment before Jim & I leave for Bangkok at the end of November. That just shows you how popular it is. It is expensive but the first time I went I had to book 3 months in advance! But its such an occasion going to The Ritz, the harpist was amazing and it was a treat for my mother and she had a wonderful time. 

Stay positive and have fun!