Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Viennese cakes to Peanuts in Hungary

Well my lovely people, its been a while. I have been so busy filming new babes and studs for mine and JimSlips websites that theres been hardly any time to eat or sleep, let along blog.

In September we went to Budapest for 1 month to film so many hotties it was unbelievable. As some of you may have seen on my website: www.laralatex.com, we kicked off with Nesty. She was on my husband JIMSLIPs website a couple of years ago under the name Katrin. Don't ask me why she changed her name, but she did and Oh My God! She's even more of a babe now than she was then. So if you liked her back then, then you really do want to check her out dressed in a lovely blue 50s dress with seamed stockings on. She definitely likes girls, of that I can assure you! Other girls we have are 6ft stunning Lyen, cute Gina who (dressed in school uniform) pounces upon me, Mira who looks so pin up girl, its amazing. We also have some 3 comes with me and Jim as well. They were good fun to film. We put the camera on a tripod and we used the remote control to take the photos so we all had to 'freeze' during the fucking. I love it when we do things like that, its always so fun yet really erotic at the same time. Jim and I even filmed a scene together! I wore red latex and this will be the Christmas update so make sure you have a glimpse of that on Boxing Day.

So when we are in Budapest, we normally have busy days filming and then go to the cinema a lot with our pal Frank Thring. Well there wasn't diddly squat on at the cinema that was worth going to. To be fair, we got so knackered that even if we'd been sitting in front of a brass band, I would've fallen asleep. When I plan a schedule, I really plan a schedule! lol. However, Paige Turnah my best pal came over to work while we were there and I took her to the Peanut Bar. Its not called that, i call it that due to the free peanuts in huge bowls all over the place. Also you are allowed to write on any piece of paper you can find and pin it to the ceiling, walls, wherever! So Paige and I took the opportunity to plug our websites and announce that we'd eaten (the peanuts) and had a drink there. Have a look and see if you can find what we've written if you ever go there - I think its called the For Sale bar.

We did however manage to fit in a trip to Vienna. We went on an uber fast train that took us through some stunning scenery. Then of course we had to try the amazing cafes full of delicious cakes. The strudel that Jim had was huge. The cafes there are so lovely inside, you never want to leave. But we did, to go to Austrian equivalent of the National Gallery. It was an amazing place. The paintings are exquisite and the I really enjoyed the Egyptian rooms. In the evening we went to see the Vienna Residence Orchestra. Jim managed to bag us the best seats in the house, right at the front in the middle. I don't know how he managed this, but the evening was brilliant and all the musicians were excellent.

So the filming we did will take us up to April in updates for our websites, which means that Jim and I are lucky enough to be able to take a break and go on holiday over Christmas and New Year. This year we are going back to Thailand and then on to Vietnam. It is definitely a holiday, there will be no filming whatsoever. I can't wait to go back. As soon as you step out of the airport in Bangkok you are met with the colourful taxis, 30 minutes to the city and then a massage…..that is what Jim is looking forward to most of all. 1 month of daily massages. He's going to be a man of rubber by the end, he'll be so relaxed!

Anyway, as I write, I am on tour in London. I have a spare hour and thought id fill you all in on my antics. Its been a pretty crappy 2 weeks of weather for lots of you across the UK. The floods are terrible and the damage it causes is awful. My thoughts are with those who they have affected. 

Some of you may know that I have started work on SheBangTV. I did my first shift with the stunning Lucy Love who bought along her 'massager'. Well this was an amazing implement that took me to new heights (being at the top of a 5 story building, this wasn't hard to achieve, lol). I had a fantastic time playing with Lucy, trying to make her squirt, doing solo shows and generally having a good time and reading the filthy texts you sent in. If you want to catch me again, then I am on 8th December with Dani Amour from 9pm. So come check us out and send us a text or 2, we'd love to hear from you. 

Its back to work for me now. I have 2 new sets of Myla underwear to put to good use this week. I love my luxury underwear and I know you love seeing me in it. Check my twitter feed for the photos.