Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Great Films and Filming Great Scenes

Well everybody its been ages since i've blogged and so much has happened. As you know from previous blogs, JimSlip & I filmed our Pick N Mix series for Television X and it is now airing. We have had amazing feedback on this as well as the 'about bleedin' time you were on screen together' comments'! I am flying back from Budapest, just over Bratislava as the screen above my head shows us. We've had an amazingly productive 3 weeks in Budapest. In fact we've managed to shag our way through half the agencies girls for both of our websites. So look out for some spectacularly beautiful and sexy girls appearing with me and Jimbo over the next 4 months. I got my hands on some lovely guys and girls. One of the scenes was with one of my actual website members who knew I filmed in Hungary a lot and wanted to appear with me. I allowed him to appear in disguise and thanks to my wonderful make-up artist who thought that just a wig and nose wouldn't be enough to make him unrecognisable with his job, turned him into a half-recognisable to totally unrecognisable CLOWN! Take a look at a few of the snaps below. If you don't like clowns, well……..tough! It's my site and I decide who gets to come and play.

Before Hungary in Mid April Jimbo and I went on a holiday to an all-inclusive hotel in Belek, Turkey. I'd been there before last year to the wedding if you remember and my reasoning was that if the weather wasn't amazing, then we could go to the indoor spa and also the restaurants/snacks run 24 hours a day. In other words, we could stuff our faces!! The hotel was almost empty for the first 2 days which was great, as the service from ALL, yes ALL the staff was fantastic and they were friendlier than I remembered (if thats even possible). The food was still exceptional and the best thing - when you're taking sole responsibility for deciding someone else's holiday location - is that Jimbo loved it. So much so, he's already said that  he'd love to return next year. Err, does this mean i'm paying????? lol Anyway, a week after we'd returned from turkey we've booked our Christmas get away (Christmas is far too commercial in the UK and New Year is always a let down) so we're off to Thailand via Singapore and on the A380 again, yessssss! I love that plane so much, that if i could convert one into an apartment to live in, I would. Well especially if I had some of the Emirates air stewardesses helping me around the place. They are gorgeous. So if anyone has any tips on where to stay in Thailand (we've done Bangkok & Koh Tao) and defiantly any suggestions of where to stay and what to see on a 4 day stop over in Singapore would be most welcomed.

I've actually just been reading an interesting article on why aircraft have to have an ashtray in the toilet. They aren't allowed to fly without one being installed: 

Hopefully it's stopped raining in the UK now. I've heard its sunny and 23 degrees in fact. Seeing as we left at he beginning of May and it has rained in the UK nearly every day we have been away (the reason we wanted to get away in the first place was due to the atrocious weather in April) and yet there is still a hosepipe ban!!!

While i've been away i've watched the first series of Prison Break. Yes I know it was first aired years ago, but I'm slow to realise how good it was. It was great right up to the break out and then it went a bit tits up I think. I'm just into show 5 of the second series and although Holly Valances accent has been a horrific experience (is she supposed to be Hispanic?? No, she's supposed to be Czech) it's really quite good fun. My favourite actors are the Italian Abruzzi and T-Bag. I think they make the series and far outshine the main characters but others will disagree and each to their own.

While we've been away i've been a bit of cinema buff. We've seen: Marigold Hotel, Battleship, The Avengers and The Lady in Black. I absolutely loved Marigold Hotel for its super stellar cast and the fact that i'm totally besotted with Bill Nighy (sorry Jimbo). The story was cliched yes, but the acting was amazing. Battleship was such an unbelievable story (no not the alien bit). Who knew that you could handbrake turn a battleship on an anchor to broadside an alien craft. I'm surprised the aliens didn't run away at seeing that feat. The Lady in Black was so badly transferred into a film. So bad that it completely got the character played by Daniel Ratcliff wrong from the character in the book. So Jimbo, Frank Thring and I are off in July to see the play. It's often the case that people say the books are far better and in this case it's definitely true. Now I have left The Avengers until last as I am not a fan of comic books, their characters or comic book characters in films! Well apart from The Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman when they used to be on the telly. Also i'm totally not a fan of Robert Downey Jr . However, I was gripped by this film. The effects are AMAZING, the story is funny and each character was given their fair share of screen time unlike in The Marigold Hotel where Judi Dench/ Maggi Smith/Bill Nighy had far more than anyone else. The funniest parts for me (for those who have seen it) are when Iron Man is jabbing Hulk with the pen saying 'come on get angry'; when the pilot is firing at Hulk and the pilot is asked on the status of the target (Hulk), he says Target is….Angry!!! Also when Hulk and Thor have just defeated the baddie and are both satisfied, then Thor looks at the Hulk and smiles and the Hulk elbow him off the screen as if to say, 'yeah but i'm still the toughest'. So I thoroughly recommend this film for many reasons really. I actually liked all the characters in the end including Mr. Downey and I can't wait for The Avengers 2. 

I have to add here that 3 of us went to see another film about Edgar Alan Poe but i'm not sure what it was called. I just tagged along really. We didn't get very far into the film when the lights went up, the film was stopped and we had to evacuate due to a bomb scare!! We didn't bother going back the next night to watch for free so you could tell that the first 7 minutes hadn't really gripped us! 

For every film except Marigold (which was full), we were only an audience of about 10 in a huge cinema which was great as I have a major problem with cinema audiences at the moment. If you're planning on taking NACHOS into the cinema you'd better sit far away from me. They stink, they're noisy and it's just damn rude to sit next to someone and be so inconsiderate. The last man who did that and sat next to me had the misfortune of me 'accidentally' nudging his elbow and the nachos all fell into his lap. Which of course I was really sorry for……NOT! It's not just me who shares this view by the way, in case you think i'm weird. Lets just say its better to try and sit next to me with nachos than JimSlip or Frank Thring! ;-) 

Just to let you know that we met the art director for Die Hard 5 while we were in Budapest. So thats good news for you Die Hard fans out there. I didn't want to let on that i'd never seen 1,2,3,or 4 but i think i bluffed it pretty well! haha

Anyway, we're about to land and I need to find some photos to add to this blog to jazz it up a bit. 

Fun For All and All For Fun!

Lara x