Thursday, 30 May 2013

TED, Television X and Ms Turnah

Well Since I last blogged i've been busy finishing decorating/putting finishing touches to my bedroom. Yes i know it seems like its been months and well, yes it has, but bar 1 final picture, its actually finished. Now the picture I need to find is this one here: Now i'm looking for a print and it has to be at least 80cm tall and over 100cm in width. The only ones I can find are tiny. So if anyone know where I can purchase one, please leave me a message.

On the porn front, I've been very quiet recently. Ive been saving myself for the for the forthcoming monthly trip back to Budapest. I managed to film 1 scene with a lovely MILF called Rachel who was an old school friend and decided she wanted to have some fun in front of the camera for once (her and her partner are swingers). She's a very sexy red head and in her pink, wool skirt suit and stockings she looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Ha! Well i've made some girls cum during my time in porn, but she squirted all over my hands and sofa (luckily its leather). So that was a first for me and very exciting! Watch out for that coming on my website soon.

I've also been filming some links for Television X free view/free-to-air section on your telly boxes. My lovely make up artist and dresser had decided on a Dita Von Teese theme for me and I was thrilled with this. All stockings, retro underwear, red lips and sexy hair. These are some photos from the shoot. I love doing these links, they're always fun and i enjoy reading from the auto cue, it makes me feel like a naughty newsreader!

I am currently on my 2nd tour into London this month and although its half term, its going well. I had a break this afternoon, so thought id blog. Im not back in London again until Mid-July and after that it won't be until September, so make sure you book me while i am available. Don't forget, i can always travel around the London, Surrey, Sussex and Middlesex areas with prior notice.

Last week, Paige Turnah, me & TED (hes mine) went on a journey to Marrakech in Morocco. Jimbo was left at home alone to get up to boys mischief, while us 3 went on an adventure! Our hotel was all inclusive and although the accommodation was basic, the food was great. Im no a grazer, I'm a get stuck in to the salad and meat section and there was a good selection of foo. The days always started off cloudy, so we went off exploring in the mornings and lounged by the pool in the afternoon. We explored the main square in the afternoon and evening which is totally amazing. Monkeys, snake charmers, thousands of stalls, musicians and the smells from the make shift kitchens were fantastic. We went on a camel caravan trip, 4x4 trip into the Atlas mountains where we had tea at a traditional Berber house, bought a 'pet rock' - Paige has 1 half, I have the other and saw some stunning scenery. I loved seeing how the Moroccan people live, wasn't so mad on the taxi drivers hassling us - but at least I know that the Fiat Uno is still well being used over there! I enjoyed the call to prayer - so hypnotic and the 6 course meal in a traditional Riad, with belly dancers, musicians and a weird  cinnamon chicken pie, was just unforgettable. The highlight of my trip was probably the Hammam. We decided to go to one used by locals rather than a spa. Lets just that 2 porn girls be scrubbed down in a hot room by too older naked Moroccan ladies armed with a loofa mitt, soap, huge buckets of water was always going to be fun. Note to self: Do not laugh at Paige being scrubbed down with loofa mitt and leave mouth open while Moroccan lady chucks a bucket of water unsuspectingly in your face. I would recommend Marrakech to everyone. If you respect their traditions, cover up, love mint tea and a good haggle, you'll have an amazing time.

Next year we will be going to Mexico. Paige, I promise there will be more sunshine and better accommodation although I cannot promise TED will behave himself. How he managed to get his rusty sheriffs badge ripped is beyond me!

Next stop Budapest with Jimbo. 1 whole month of shagging  (all for your benefit of course)! ;)

While I was walking near my house recently, I came across these ducks. I had to be a little bit scared as it reminded of this video i've seen: How on earth the director came up with this idea is anyones guess. It is actually something so crazy that JimSlip would have come up with this.