Monday, 11 February 2013

Sun, Sea, Sand and Snow

Well a Happy New Year to you all. I know its February but its better late than never! Jim and I had a wonderful month away in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. In brief:

Singapore: hot, humid & wet with not much to do apart from get rid of the jet lag. Its full of shopping malls, but its so expensive to do anything (a beer worked out as £9!) that we didn't do much

Bangkok: Amazing as always. Fast, fun and lots of great places to visit and eat. I loved the new shopping place we found: Terminal 21. Its set up like an airport and each level relates to a different city. We found a brilliant food mall to eat in there, where you load a card up with about £2 and then you choose your food from about 20 different places and they take the money off as you go, We had 2 main courses, fresh fruit smoothies and ice cream for £2 each! Theres lots of bargains to be had in the clothing section too as each stall is run by an individual designer. Jimbo bought me a Mr Bean bear. He'll be travelling with us everywhere we go now, so look for him popping up in the photos. I manage to visit the Temple of the Golden Buddha. Its a 5 tonne Buddha made of gold that was hidden inside a plaster cast Buddha during the war. It was hidden for a long time and was only found when transporting it to its current location. It was dropped and they found the original Buddha hidden inside! A genius idea though.

Patong: Like San Antonio is to Ibiza, Patong is to Phuket. Lots of people on the beach in rows of sun beds and rammed in the bars in the evening. I wouldn't choose to visit there again but Im glad we sampled it. We spent Christmas day here and had Lobsters which were huge from a really nice canteen type restaurant. We also went to the cinema to see a film called 'The Impossible' about the boxing day tsunami. We had to stand up for the Thai National Anthem which I think should happen in the UK still. The film was very good and showed the impact of such a force on a population that is still not that industrialised. Made even more poignant because the tsunami hit Patong very badly. They used mainly elephants to clear the huge amounts of rubble left. But for such a poor community (they rely on tourism to survive) they have got the town back up on its feet and running again. Of course in Thailand its obligatory to have a massage at least once a day and being so cheap, I of course kept up this tradition. ;)

Vietnam (Danang): Ive wanted to see some of Vietnam for a long time. The ladies who do my nails are all from there and it sounded like how Thailand used to be 10-12 years ago. We were staying in a 5star resort on China beach, which the Americans used as a main base during the war. Its incredibly beautiful and the rooms were lovely. We were facing the sea and it was lovely listening to it as we fell asleep each night. We ventured into Danang but its a weird town in that theres no real centre to it. Its quite sprawling and it was 'interesting' trying the cuisine. Its still very third world but we gave a restaurant a try one night after we couldn't find the one we wanted via trip advisor. It was only £5 for a whole meal for both of us! However it had some surprises on the menu which i thought were funny. I wouldn't visit Danang again but I would love to go somewhere far off the beaten track up on the Ho Chi Minh trail. We left early as the weather was overcast and the hotel extortionately expensive compared to the food outside the hotel. We headed back to Bangkok where it was 35degrees via Ho Chi Minh city. We spent the day there, heading into ton via the bus. Now the traffic in Thailand makes me laugh but Vietnam is in a league of its own. Car and bus horns going all the time, people in motorbike accidents standing up and helping direct the traffic, roundabout/crossings ignored and people driving along the pavements on scooters. So if you go, you have been forewarned.

So we returned to the UK via the amazing Singapore airport. I wish the UK airports could be like tho one. Free wifi, outdoor smoking areas/gardens, free cinema, free wii, computes/games room, gym. The list is endless and its just extremely well thought out. We travelled with Singapore airlines. Top deck on way out, bottom deck on way back. I have to say that overall, I would fly with Emirates next time. The airplanes are just, more, can't explain it, but better equipped and the seat s are more comfy too, which plays an important part in long haul flying.

So after our break we've returned to the UK with some new ideas for the sites this year. Ive already filmed 4 scenes which will be my site soon. Some hilarious acting and or course lots of my long legs, stockings, blow jobs and hardcore action.

At the moment I'm on tour in London. Im not working Valentines Day as i'll be spending the day with JimSlip at the National Gallery. When we went to Vienna we had a great time at the galleries there. We want some art for our bedroom. No we're not nicking it, we'll just be buying some posters. But hopefully this will finish the look of my bedroom…and then onto the kitchen. The trouble with renovation/DIY is that the list is endless, especially in an old house. Lets just say i am now a expert in using a jigsaw, hammer and drill. And thats just for domination purposes looooool! Only joking.

So we are off to Budapest soon for a month of filming. Its going to be freezing but it won't be that bad as we've had snow in Surrey already this year. Jimbo and I got the sled out and went to Box Hill to go whizzing down. It was such good fun, although its seriously hard work trudging up the hill afterwards though. Jim and I went down together and we were going so fast that we overtook 2 snowboarders. Weeeeeeeee!

Ive recently bought a new load of dildos to use on my webcam shows and also when i appear on This year I've already appeared with Sapphire Blue & then Dani Amour. Im next on Shebang on 21st March with Lexi Lou, the extremely tall and very pretty blonde babe on my site: so come check us out. Its great to spend an evening on the pink bed playing with girls. I seriously love my job. I met up with Sapphire and also Paige Turnah and Holly Kiss for TranisaTV. We have to forcibly dress men up into women. This nurse/doctor theme was where we gave a guy breast implants and told him the operation was irreversible after he kept cheating on his wife. I love this photo and the scene was great fun to do. There'll hopefully be more scenes with this company coming this year.

So it looks like a good beginning to the year. I hope its going to be a good one for all of you too!