Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hardcore Til I die

Well seeing as JimSlip and I are away filming in Budapest for 1 month, i wanted to keep you update with some of the babes we've been filming. We've had some lovely teens who flit around the set, a 19 year old with huge juggs and a sex crazed MILF who i had to stop fucking Jim as she was in danger of shagging his dick off! These Hungarian girls are definitely nymphomaniacs and I'm not complaining. I've been taking some good photos on set so heres a few of them for you to enjoy.

Jim had the opportunity to film me for my site during some down time so we decided to go onto webcam and film me while i was being directed by the viewers. This was good fun and a bit chaotic which I like, as lots of the cammers wanted to direct me all at the same time. Jim and I had a scene for another producer to do last week and this was an anal scene. We've never done a full anal scene together, only a 3 guy anal scene - which was a long time ago - and I wanted to practice, so Jim more than happily volunteered when I asked if he would help me in my predicament. We don't use a cameraman when we are fucking each other as we like to keep it realer than real, so we put both the stills and video camera on the tripod and take photos using the remote control. This works really well, especially for the stills and if you've seen any of the 3some photos on my website you'll see the mayhem and weird positions we get into. Anyway heres a few from said scene with Jimbo:

On the film and music front, we went to see Hansel & Gretel 3D and I fully agree with JimSlips summation of the film 'bag o' shite'. It really is that terrible and I am not wasting more words on such a pointless, 'doesn't make you even think about it 10 minutes after you've left the cinema' type of film. At least Battleship (being for me, a boys type of film) still made me think and argue with JimSlip about how strong an anchor a battleship would have to have for it to do an naval version of an handbrake turn (yes its that type of movie)!

On the music front i've been waiting for Clubland Hardcore X-treme 9 to come out after the release date was put back from the beginning of the year. And finally March 18th is the date. Cant wait to see what Breeze, Styles, Gammer and Hixxy are going to come up with this time. If the gossip about the intro song being Darren Styles 'Concrete Angel' is true then the album should be epic. In the meantime, I've been listening to the Mark Breeze iTunes podcasts from the Rough Tempo sets he's done. If you're an old school raver like me, but not one of those anti-dubstep/music moving forward type of people then have a listen. Note: Best listened to at full volume on the headphones, you dancing wildly and singing loudly whilst your other half is asleep in bed - you'll get a great reaction to this! ;)

So like both my life and my music, I'm hardcore til I die!