Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Olympic Summer

Wow! Long time no bloggy. I find it most comfortable to blog on a plane journey as you all know. So I am winging my way to Budapest to film a whole load of filth for mine and Jimbos websites. So what have we been doing in the time since I blogged….shagging and DIY. Im a keen DIYer and yes i'm rather good at it. At the moment Jimbo and I are stuffing more soundproofing in between our joists. We live in an old Victorian property and the noise travels terribly. So we're saving others blushes so they can't hear the sounds of ecstasy from our place…and thats just me and Jimbo admiring our handiwork!  Since our trip to Budapest has rudely interrupted all our work, we've been living out of our front room and kitchen as the rest of the place is taken up with my shoes and clothes. I caught Jim counting my boxes of shoes and doing a rough estimate of the amount of money they all cost. There was no complaints so I'm guessing he wildly underestimated the cost of Jimmy Choos and Louboutins! hahaha. 

As you all can see, i've managed to get together some of the guys in the UK and film them for my website. This weeks update being bicycle boy (BB). There is a hilarious beginning to this scene if you haven't seen it, so check it out. Also you get a type of urgency using newbies to the industry that you just don't get using known studs, so check out some of BB's shagging moves and try them at home! For next weeks update i've brought back one of my old shagging partners who has the biggest appendage of all the guys on my website and this time for an anal extravaganza, hooray i hear you say. Jim has managed to film a couple of scenes in the UK too, with 2 girls (1 Swedish). Both blonde and both almost 6ft tall. The Swedish girl had us laughing so much as her accent is just so, well..SWEDISH!!  She was telling us that all our preconceptions of Swedish people are true…..mine and Jimbos preconceptions are that everyone is blonde and everyone sings along to Abba!.

Talking of The Olympics, I was lucky enough to get myself a ticket to the beach volleyball mens and womens semi-finals. I used to be a middle hitter in 6 a-side volleyball team so i wasn't there just to perve! haha But i have to admit the womens teams were pretty fit. I really enjoyed the way the crowd is expected to chant along and encourage the teams whilst they're playing and that you don't have to remain silent during a point so it was a great atmosphere. I thought the Olympic Team GB and Paralympic GB were awe inspiring and totally amazing to watch. I loved the indoor cycling and was lucky enough to be near the road race cycling event, so Jim and I went along to Box Hill to cheer Wiggy on. I love the fact that we can still drive around now and see all the good luck messages painted on the road for Team GB and they haven't been removed and for the rest of the world to see our little town and just how leafy and green it is. 

I've recently bought a lovely pink satin 1930s bullet bra, panties and suspender belt. Its not original but its from an old style pattern. I'll be using it in one of my scenes over in Budapest so watch out for that. Of course I've packed a whole load of fully fashioned nylon stockings in black, tan, blue and pink. Ive also got a couple of new dresses to wear. I'm quite excited to go to Budapest for a whole month. It's far from R&R though. We do far more filming over there as there are far more girls and more girls of a standard that Jimslip has become synonymous with. 

I would just like to remind those that watch porn (yeah I know you're out there) that Jim and I wouldn't be keeping making content for you to watch without real members paying to see our content. I never class a person who goes to a torrent site or stream my content for free, as a real fan. I am particularly vocal about this on my twitter feed. I can't believe they actually tell me they download material for free. Dickheads!! Without members there would be no new content for you to see. So for any so called 'free download fans' reading this, please dont call yourself a fan, you are a freebie hunter. The paying members ive met have all been lovely people and I thank you for your support. We make unique content that we feel our members like to see for both www.laralatex.com and www.jimslip.com. We make the effort to have the girls wear nice clothes, create an individual story for each girl, yes a story!! Not just a fuck scene with no build up. This takes time and effort and is never decided until we meet the girl. We talk to the girl and find out about her and maybe 1 thing will trigger and idea for JIm. We're not like other producers in that we mould the girl into the role thats been written already, which can end up with staid, boring results.

I've been filming for trains TV. This time I worked with Holly Kiss and we had a hoot. I wore some of my lovely frilly dresses that I know you all like. I also filmed some solo scenes where the camera is supposed to be a viewer. However, dramarama! I had to wear gloves in each of the scenes as i'd broken one of my false nails off. Just my innocently going to close my window i hit the handily at the wrong angle and it must've hit a weak point because bam, I had half a nail bed left. Im not normally squeamish but the pain I felt was awful, i was almost sick. I now believe that pulling out finger nails could have been used as a from of torture. Even the nurse (i was fortunately going to the doctor anyway that day) was like, thats just disgusting! lol 

No doubt i'll be watching a lot of tv and cinema in Budapest as we go a lot while we're there as its so cheap. And yes for those that ask, they have the cinema in English or with subtitles. I'm looking forward to seeing the 3 Stooges as i think that'll be funny. We've cancelled our membership to LoveFilm in the UK and got to Netflix. What a hugely better site is Netflix? So much more content on there. I've already seen The Killing (original version), but Jimbo watched the first series again (all 20 episodes) in an epic 5 day marathon. It was brilliant watching it again, although Jimbo guessed who it was in show 2, i didn't let on. So we both moved on to watching 4400. I joined in at the end of Season 2, but i kinda got the jist of it. Amazing American series concentrating on a different character in each show. We've just got to show 1 of season 5 which i think is the last series. Now i think it turns all apocalyptic and dark and i'm looking forward to a lot of the characters drawing upon their powers to be put to bad use. I've bought along 2 box sets to Budapest, Columbo and The Golden girls. Columbo is just so brilliantly directed and edited and I love the granny Golden Girls razor sharp wit! She reminds me of Jimbos mother…don't tell him that!! ;)

So its time for me to shut my Mac up as my Rosie-Huntington Whitely wallpaper isn't going down well with the woman next to me…Rosies wearing a nice bra, panty and stocking set whats so bad about that that? I mean….all the colours coordinate! hahaha