Monday, 17 October 2011

Touring, Webcam & Mulberry Handbags

Firstly, HOORAH! My blog is back. Thank you to those who helped me.

Anyway, heres last weeks news:
I had a wonderful time meeting all my clients on tour on the week just gone. I had a couple of duos with Paige Turnah which is always great fun especially when we get to share a big cock. We love putting our arses up in the air and letting the guy choose who he wants to fuck and when. We always dress in seamed fully fashioned stockings  and high heels which means we are impossibly tall, but hey who cares, that more leg for you guys to worship.  I  love receiving gifts (what girl doesn't) and 1 of my regulars came bearing honey! No not to smear over me, but for me to eat. Ok so you're thinking honey is not such a big deal but it is when it comes from the bees you keep in your garden!! How cool is that, such posh pets and they look after themselves and produce wonderful honey for me to eat…everyone should have them!

So this weekend I have been up to some DIY with JimSlip. We've been drilling holes all over our flat to put up mirrors - 1 was 8ft by 4ft - drop them on our feet, put in raw plugs only to find the holes not deep enough, you know the usual kind of DIY that happens all over the country on a Sunday.

Next week I have a lot of running around to prior to our trip to Budapest to shoot my Laras Men In Uniforms. I'm looking forward to it. Getting 2 cocks in 5 shows = 10 cocks, bring it on!  I'm planning on lots sexy outfits that women just love seeing men in. Its going to be good. 

Right I have my Roast pork in the oven, all my paperwork is sorted, i'm just gonna look around the internet at Mulberry handbags and Laboutin shoes as i'm off back into London on Friday with Paige to help her buy her first Mulberry handbag (its a girl thing).


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