Monday, 3 October 2011

From London to Venus & Back

First of all big apologies for not blogging in ages. I've just been uber busy, all culminating in the weekend that's just gone at the Venus erotic fair in Berlin.

After I went home to Surrey on the Friday, I had to do the usual washing and general girls stuff and then I showed Jimbo the Louboutins. They got a very big thumbs up from him! On Saturday, Jimbo and I decided to go to Loch Fyne in Cobham which is one of my favourite fish restaurants. Consistently good quality and the staff are lovely. Unfortunately this time my smoked haddock risotto was on the semolina looking side and badly overcooked. They did change it, but as i'd picked all the fish out of the first risotto I didn't want another so i had another dish (bummer)!! hehehehe

Then on Sunday I got dropped off at the train station for a 5 hour marathon train journey to Bolton. This became rather exciting for me when I got to go on a Virgin pendolino train for the first time. I do like it when it goes round the corners and it tips upwards! Although the air-conditioning was off in our carriage and trying to negotiate my huge suitcase to another carriage just wasn't on the cards, so big fail for that Virgin. I had a solo modelling job the next day and I decided to go up early and take some escorting bookings. To all those who came to see me, you gave me a great Northern welcome. I will not be going up North for the forseeable future though, it really was a one off event. I have no plans to tour anywhere else in the UK either apart from my monthly London tours. The modelling job went extremely well, I was a sexy secretary and I also wore my lovely girly pink dress with fluffy underskirt. I rarely do glamour shoots and I had a lot of fun especially as I had a lovely sexy girl camerawoman to pose in front of. If anyone else would like to book me for photographic modelling then please email me with your enquiries:

While I was in Bolton I got a call from one of the porn studs - Andy Mann, asking me if I was free on the Tuesday to do a b/g scene. I thought why not? It also meant I got to see Manchester, or as they say it Man-chess-taaaaaa! I got taken to The Curry Mile and also had a sightseeing tour around the city. Its much bigger than I thought and it's true, everyone is much friendlier 'oop North'. It was lovely and sunny that day - which is unusual North of Watford so I lapped it up. After watching a film called Rounders with Matt Damon I popped off to bed and woke up early in preparation for my shoot with Andy. He's a lovely guy and our shoot involved me dressed again as a sexy secretary. I know which job I should go into if I ever leave pornoland!! lol We finished our shoot in record time a I had to get the train back to Surrey and pack as I was due to leave the country the next morning with Jimbo to go to Berlin.

Talk about jetting around at the moment. As long as my knickers, suspenders and stockings are all in order, i'm ok to leave at a moments notice. So it was at a dark 6am that Jimbo packed our suitcases in the car to go to Heathrow Terminal 5 for an 11am flight. Yes you heard that right Jimbo had planned for it to take 5 hours to get between junction 9 on the M25 to Heathrow, junction 14. WTF!!!! I went along with the plan, as often it can be a car park at that time of the morning. You can rest easy, if was a safe bet that it was a breeze to get there and we had a lovely 4 hour wait before the flight took off. It was my first time at Terminal 5 and I found it a bit pants really. It's not well thought out, I can predict bottle necks at certain security points and no free WIFI?!? So many of the airports I travel from in Europe have free wifi, loads of plug sockets for charging so many of things that we travel with now, that need to charged and also usb ports. The only thing that Terminal 5 has going for it is the shops. I almost creamed myself when I saw a tax free Tiffany, Gucci and my mecca…….Mulberry. I didn't purchase anything and I was a good girl. I had to be as the next 5 days I had to be a bad girl. I was heading to Berlin with Jimbo to join the rest of the UKAP (UK Adult Producers) guys and girls who had a stand at the Venus Berlin show. This is a massive show, like Erotica which contains everything to do with sex, all under 1 roof. I was handing out promotional cards for my website and also signing and having photos taken with fans. Many of these fans have travelled the world just to say hello. I think the furthest someone had travelled was from Singapore, which is amazing! After the show had finished, there were many parties and a lot of drinking to be done. I don't drink, so it's great fun for me to watch people get progressively worse for wear and not realise their behaviour is soo funny. Of course when they reach a certain point - and it almost always coincides with the DJ playing The Macarena - then i'm outta there! So after 4 days of fun and frolics with other British ladies Tanya, Tracey and Cookie, we were all promo'd out until Erotica; which happens to be over my birthday weekend in November!

On the last day (which is today-Monday 3rd October) Jimbo and I decided to go on a sight-seeing tour around Berlin. We'd already stumbled upon the Brandenburg Gate where we found a sound stage erected and ELO performing a sound check earlier on in the week; so we decided to find some other monuments. I love German military history and wanted to visit The Reichstag but we were both so tired form the long days at the show, that we decided to visit Check Point Charlie. I've visited this before but today is the day that in 1989, The Berlin Wall came down and was even more profound. The horror of having 2 occupying forces in another country was over. People today, all over Berlin and Germany were moving freely between what was considered 'East and West', something that after talking to a Berliner, they do not take for granted. Yet that is something that I do take for granted. Freedom to go where I want and when I want. It was very humbling and informative to go back into the Check Point Charlie museum and see what lengths that people would go to, to cross from East to West. Squashing into the actual seat of a mini, building the biggest hot air balloon made, make their own flying machines to hiding women in 2 suitcases joined together and put on train luggage racks! It will certainly make me think when I'm off on one of my jaunts. Which actually takes me to my next jaunt. I'm writing this blog as usual on a flight, the flightback into Heathrow Terminal 5 and I have a bet with Jimbo that the female Captain lands like a feather on a Tempur mattress!!!

The rest of this week sees me filming 3 JimSlip scenes with UK babes and tomorrow and Wednesday i'm sorting out all my paperwork, oh joy! Next week i'll be up in London on tour from Monday 10th-Thursday 13th October so why don't you come and join me.

In the meantime there's another update on for you to enjoy. I find a trucker who's broken down in the services and ask him back to my apartment to wait for the tow truck. Make sure you check it out!

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