Sunday, 22 January 2012

New year, new goals and forthcoming events

So, I hope you all had a great New Years Eve. Mine started with a lovely fish dinner, followed by a slow stroll down to the beach where we lounged in a bar watching the fire dancers, listened to music and watched people light Chinese lanterns with their wishes written on the side. Letting them go with the expectation that they would be lifted high by the air currents and drift off into the distance romantically, only extinguishing themselves to the naked eye rather than plummeting in a ball of flames into the sea. At midnight Jimbo and I left our coconut shakes and went to the eaters edge and tried to light our. Everyone else seemed to be doing it with ease or moreover patience. I just wanted to light it and let it go, then onto the next one, but no, you have to wait until the paper cone heats up and you can feel it lifting away from you. We lit 4 over the course of the hour after midnight. I'm going to tell you what was written on the side of my lantern as most of you will be surprised as you all know i'm into my designer handbags and shoes. It was one simple word 'happiness'. That's all I wished for this year. I think with that, I can achieve anything I want if I put my mind to it. 

Looking back over the previous year I have been hugely successful. I finally launched my website and I have won 3 awards for my endeavours in the adult industry that my life revolves around: 

* A TVX SHAFTA for Best Loved Character
* An Erotic Award for Sex Worker of The Year
* A UKAP award for my TVX series Laras Anal Adventure

I am thrilled with these accolades and even though I was supposed to be resting while on holiday, I couldn't resist taking out the laptop and doing a little work ad promotion of my site: This year promises to be even busies than the last so I will really have to be on the ball as i'll be pushing myself quite hard. But bring it on I say! I like a challenge and I will reward myself and Jimbo at the end of the year with another long holiday, this time to Bangkok, Vietnam and Cambodia. Anyone who's been there and knows of any interesting places we should stay or sites to see then please email me.

I am currently putting the latest TVX series together: Jim & Laras Pick n Mix. This will be the first time my husband and I will have been in front of the camera together for a whole series. In the 13 years we've been together we have only worked together three times. So fingers crossed it all goes well. We both have a tendency to direct and thats where our problems start….too many cooks and all that! I will let you know how that goes and blog some pics as and when each scene happens. Filming for this starts next week and I get to have 3 cocks. Woo hippo!

Over the last 2 weeks I have downloaded Downton Abbey and watched both series and The Christmas Special. I think this series is amazing. I love the costumes, the actors and actresses (especially Maggie Smiths acerbic tongue and amazing putdowns- I've already used a couple myself). I can't wait for the next series which they're currently filming, so well done the BBC, i'm glad to know that my TV licence money is going towards making dramas like this. Yes it has it's critics and it may not be completely true to the events that happened at the time, this is why its a drama and not factual!

Since i last blogged I've had 2 updates on my website. There's me and the 2 pensioners with the funniest story of Jacks cat having to be laid to rest out at sea Also this weeks update is where I managed to talk myself out of a parking tickt by shagging the parking attendant. He even kept his jacket on when he came back to the flat (they take their jobs seriously you know). So check both of those out as I got my arse spanked/caned and had a huge cock too! I love my job!

Since i've been back i've managed to meet up with my pal Paige Turnah. We went to Selfridges (after she's run up Oxford Street barefoot to meet me) and bought loads of sets in Myla. As any lingerie expert would know, this is rather expensive and luxurious and we needed the help of 1 woman and that woman could of only been Judith. If you ever visit, ask for her. She's only about 5ft tall so you might miss her, but all 3 of us managed to squeeze into  1 changing room with 10 sets of underwear and she was a delight. Running back and forth for different sizes, colours and even posing for twitter photos and a video!! She must've thought we were nuts.......and we are!

Currently i'm listening to Clubland X-treme Hardcore 8. If you're into this music, then do get it. It's moving more into the dub genre but there's still some banging tunes with a load of female vocals soaring over the top. My favourite is: For a lifetime(Breeze mix), Adam Harris. I think this album is harder than 7 and I prefer 7 but as the saying goes I'll always be 'hardcore till I die'. For me this is true in more ways than one!

New Years Resolution: To blog more and restart my horseriding 

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  1. You did an excellent job yesterday with our Tranisa films. You're such a great actress, looking forward to working with you again very soon. Cheryl x