Sunday, 5 June 2011

Filming in Budapest for TelevisionX

Well i am blogging from Budapest. Last week Mr. JimSlip (my husband in case you don't know) and I boarded a flight at 8am. We landed in a lovely and sunny Ferihegy airport and trotted off to our apartment. I love the apartments here - 20ft high ceilings, 15ft high doors, parquet floors. Just the epitome of class and old style with modern fittings. I'm still reeling from my website going live and the increased amount of 'friend requests' on Facebook has been keeping my mouse clicking finger busy.

Anyway, what are you over there for Lara, I here you say. Well i'm here to film Jimbo for his website and also film him for his TelevisionX series. This is a softcore television station in the UK, but we also film it in hardcore too so you can see all the cock in hole action on the TelevisionX website. The title is JimSlips Euro MILFS and we have some gorgeous big boobed women lined up. It's quite hard work filming in searing heat and I can only write this blog while I have an iced drink on on one side of me and a sexy man fanning me from the other!

Anyway it'll be my turn soon to have some fun in front of the camera. In fact i'll be having a lot of fun soon in London from 27th-30th June i'll be doing my monthly tour up to E1. So if you've ever wanted to have some fun with me nows your chance! Click here to find out more. I love meeting my fans and also seeing mens faces when they find out the amount of porn work i've done. I like looking out of my window in the morning when i'm up in London and thinking that these people have to commute and endure a job that they may not enjoy doing, while I do a job I LOVE doing. My life is non-stop sex. I'm producing it, filming it, directing it, editing it and starring in it!!!

Anyway, while in Budapest I get to hang out with lots of great models and also mine and Jimbo's good pa,l director Frank Thring. You can often find us lounging around in the Marriott hotel alongside the Danube polishing off many a cocktail. So if you do spot us, come and say hello!

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