Monday, 14 November 2011

From Doctors and Nurses to an Air Hostess and her Captain

Well, as usual i'm writing this blog on board a Malev flight back to London after a hugely successful and hectic trip to Budapest. In my last blog i left you after i'd just completed 1 of scenes and 2 of JimSlips scenes. Well this week I filmed 2 more scenes for my Televsion X series - Laras Men in Uniforms. I had the use of an amazing hospital location on Tuesday for my Doctors and nurses scene. It's set like the television show 'Young Doctors' from the late 70's/80's. I was nurse Lara in a traditional blue uniform, bursting out of it in some sexy pink Agent Provocateur underwear with high patent heels and black seamed stockings. I seduce the doctor and consultant and even the patient laying in the bed (cheesy I know, but so funny and he had a huge cock and it's my show so nerr)!!! This featured big names Coky Ice, Max Payne and Dexter. Then on Thursday I filmed all my intros for each show so it was full on glamorous makeup and a sexy red dress with seamed stockings. You can't go wrong with seamed stockings thats what I say! 

On Friday we (Jimbo, Frank, Kristina (my makeup girl and I) went to a lovely and trendy apartment to film my pilot scene. I was his sexy air hostess - much more sexy than Ryanair or Easyjet! We were using one of the most well known studs in Europe, David Perry. He's filmed 1000's of scenes for the biggest companies, flown all over the World and now, finally he got to have me!  We hit it off from the start and I can let you know that this French man certainly likes his ladies enjoying themselves. Even the workmen next door downed tools to listen in on my performance, hahaha! Frank Thring was in full swing with his full renditions on 'Leaving on a Jet Plane'. He was most happy with this, as he couldn't think of any hospital songs on Tuesday for my doctors and nurses scene.

This week I have also seen TinTin the movie which I wasn't that impressed with, especially after having read all the books when I was a child. Also, I went to see Tower Heist. I actually really enjoyed it despite all the rubbish reviews it's had over in America. I thought Eddie Murphy wasn"t used to his full potential, but the (SPOILER ALERT) getting the Ferrari out of the apartment and down via the lift sequence was funny. Especially when they're on top of the lift holding it up straight. Then being a car nut, Jimbo and I sat after the movie working out the weight of a Ferrari 250 GTO made out of Gold. Needless to say it wood have been an implausible manoeuvre, but I just needed to know. 

Also i've watched 2 movies on itunes. One is Precious and the other i'm still watching is Finding Nemo. Yes, I like a wide range of films and also I love my music as a lot of you know. This week i've downloaded Roy Orbison, Dusty Springfield and then some Deadmau5. I'm loving Dusty and finding some classic 'old but new to me' songs, especially 'I close my eyes and count to ten'. It's a shame it's under 3 minutes long, but then a lot of the songs were short then. Now I consider anything less than 5 minutes a 'jingle'! lol

So, i'm back to Blighty and have 2 more Television X scenes to film. Then a mammoth editing mission to finish before my adventure to Thailand in December. Before this are 2 more important events. MY BIRTHDAY on the 19th November and also i'll be signing at Erotica on the Strictly Broadband stand between 11am and 4pm on the 20th November. So if you're there, come and say hi, grab an autograph or photo, it's always great to meet my fans. 

There is also a new update on my website: It features me and the lovely Linda. We're both dressed up in uniforms and of course some lovely shiny fully-fashioned stockings. I'm in another air hostess outfit  and Linda in a Sailor dress - Ahoy There! I do like cock but every once in a while, I need to do some minge munching and she had a lovely one to munch upon, so check it out!!!!

Have a good week! 

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