Sunday, 4 December 2011

Lost awards and Christmas in the Sun

Well hello! It's been a while since i've written a blog. Since my last one i've had my birthday and want to thank everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday.

I've also now finished filming my Television X series and completed the editing for it. Thank to Jimbo for making a fantastic title sequence, which isn't the normal porno type of titles. You'll have to watch out for it (Laras Men in Uniform) in the New Year. My final 2 shows were the mechanics and then the Tommies from WWII. The mechanics was filmed on a really cold day inside a huge garage which was freezing! I had the pleasure of Demetri XXX and Seth Strong, both looked great with their bulging biceps and greased up vests and overalls. We certainly got warmed up with all the shagging we were doing that we had to go outside to cool down! Then we went to Devon to film the last of the shows - The Tommies. The uniforms and the acting in this scene from Kai Taylor and Andy Mann was exceptional. We were staying in a house that I had read had a ghost that turned up at 3am every night and rattled the kitchen door - the story being that someone had been shot and this is the first house he had stumbled across when looking for help, but no one was at home. Now this freaked me out totally but Jimbo and I decided not to tell the guys, who were going to be sleeping in the room downstairs near the kitchen, in case they got freaked out too. So next morning after asking how they'd both slept, Andy said that he'd slept terribly after waking up to hear the kitchen door rattling and, even worse, someone shuffling around in the kitchen……………………..waaah! After we'd finished filming, Jimbo and I packed up the car and we were outta there! No way were we going to stay another night there, especially when it was miles from another house.

I have enjoyed working with every single person in this series and loved being shagged senseless across Europe, so make sure you watch out for it - Laras Men in Uniforms - coming on Television X in The New Year.

Then there were the UKAP awards (UK Adult Producers) which were held in London on November 26th. Unfortunately JimSlip and I were too ill to go as we got the lurgy during our hectic filming schedule. I was nominated for an award 'Best gonzo/reality series' with my series for TVX, Laras Anal Adventures. I was up against some tough competition from Ben Dover for Playboy, Liselle Bailey for Television X and other good names. But…………I WON! YES!!! My 3rd award this year, I was really shocked but thrilled to have won. Kai Tylor picked up the award for me and Jimbo and also he won his own award too! We would like to thank him for doing so, not thanking him for then leaving them on his way home in Burger King Waterloo. Then re-thanking him and being eternally grateful to the kind Burger King employee who found and then hid them in the safe until they were retrieved by Kai again. I am astonished they weren't stolen! This is the 3rd of my awards this year, so it's 3 out of 3 for me after also winning Most Loved Character - The SHAFTAS and Pornstar/Escort of the Year - The Erotic Awards. I'm extremely proud of the work JimSlip and I do and we both love our jobs, so it's nice to have some recognition.

Now its less than a week until JimSlip and I depart for Thailand for a whole, yes whole month. When you're all shopping in the cold, feeling harassed and forgetting the girlfriends mothers present (she'll never forgive you), we will be lazing on a beach, or maybe admiring the view from our infinity pool in our private villa. Well this is what I hope will be happening and I have my fingers crossed it doesn't snow in the UK so our plane can take off. Jimbo and I have never been to Thailand and I cant wait. It looks great on youtube and I think i've already rekkied every bar/shop/crap tourist attraction within 10 miles of the first hotel we're staying in.

I nearly forgot to mention, check out 1 of only 3 scenes I have filmed with my husband in 12 years of working together on my website: this is a rare opportunity to see us fucking each other and also see JimSlip actually out of his suit - yes I know some of you thought he was born in it!

Anyway, I hope to blog again before the festivities, but if I don't, please have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.



View in Devon, Brrr - Cold!

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