Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Well, we're into week 4 of the Budapest filming trip. This week i'll be mainly editing and we have 1 more MILF scene to film before returning home on Friday evening. So in comparison to the 3 other weeks we've been here, it's going to be a breeze! 

In case you haven't already seen, there's a new update on www.laralatex.com I approach Jig at a bus stop and encourage him to come back to my apartment and parade around in front of him in my secretarial outfit, full fashioned nylon stockings and high heels. I was so naughty on this shoot and I let him spunk all over my pussy. I love fucking guys and getting my husband to film them it's just so damn sexy. It's a real turn on and makes me act even more sluttishly during the scenes. I'm loving my new website and i've had loads of fantastic feedback and of course, sign ups. It takes a lot of dedicated people to run mine and Jimbos sites as well as us to make the scenes. So without members we couldn't function and bring you the content you want. Please remember this if you're ever looking for free porn! 

I've finished watching the 1st season of The Sopranos and I liked it. Tonys mother cracks me up. She's nothing like my nan who's the loveliest nan ever. I'm not mad on the violence and yes it's a dramatisation and yes I chose to watch it, but I think that the UK often allows violent acts be seen on television - yes I know its an import to British television - quite happily yet OFCOM goes mad when someone gets a boob out! The British are still rather prudish when it comes to sex. Which reminds me of when Tony Sopranos daughter, Meadow, starts talking about sex at breakfast. She says that it's the 1990's and parents should discuss sex with their kids. Tony points to the window and says it may be the 1990's out there but in this house it's still the 1950's and just you remember that! This is quite reminiscent of how I grew up and look what profession I chose! hahaha

I've got a busy schedule planned out for the next 2 weeks. We've got 3 Jim Slip scenes to film and also I'm pampering myself in preparation for my London tour which is Monday 8th - Friday 12th August. I'm also trying to find out about horse riding lessons in the Surrey area. If you're in web design then you've got loads of business awaiting you. The sites (if they have them) are badly designed and lack the information I need. At this rate I'll be saddling up my Labrador! I'll keep on the case with it, as it's something i've wanted to get back into for a long time.

Thanks for the comments that many of you sent me regarding the design/ease of use of my www.french-maid.co.uk website. I tweaked a few things and am awaiting banners for my www.laralatex.com website. It's a continual work in progress and I enjoy doing it when I can.

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