Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Having a riot whilst on tour

The main news of last week, the riots. I have to admit I was a little scared especially as clients were letting me know that Liverpool Street area might be a target. Then I realised that it’s not a huge shopping area, it’s mainly financial businesses, so the chances are you wouldn’t be running away with a 60” television under your arm. Now I had a few clients who wanted me to keep the news on during our time together (makes a change from watching a porn film)! What absolute carnage and disrespect these people have for our society. I don’t think at all that this had any connection with the Mark Duggan shooting. My only comment on that is, don’t carry a gun if you don’t want to be shot, as it is clearly ILLEGAL to do so in this country. You carried it, you got shot, end of. But I digress as my main concern is the riots. I was livid with rage at watching these scum - as that’s what they are, scum – assault the public and the emergency services, break into peoples’ shops and home and burn down buildings that survived a World War; yes that’s a War that my great grandparents fought in. For the people who went out and helped clear up and have donated to the people who have lost everything in these events, we are thankful that our country still has citizens with morals. For those of you involved in it and I hope none of my ‘fans’ are as you are nothing to me if you were involved, then you should hang your head in shame. Your benefits should be taken away (if applicable) and the most severe prison sentences handed out to you. For those people moaning about the facebook person to get 4 years, let’s put it into context, if what you said instead was to rally people against a group of people of different race to you, then that would be inciting racial hatred. You were rallying people to go and destroy shops, homes and peoples’ lives. So I think it should be treated with the severity that you now face. As the old saying goes, if you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.

I say this all from a viewpoint that my best friends are police officers, their husband, boyfriend and close family are police officers and I worried for their safety. I didn’t hear from them until Wednesday when very weary messages appeared from them all. All I can say from speaking to them is it really is time to revise the powers the police have in this country. Get them away from hours and hours of paperwork and back onto policing the streets, not in their squad cars, but walking the streets like they used to. I want to worry that I can’t go dropping even a piece of litter, or riding my bike on the pavement for fear that a copper might walk around the corner the next moment. The chances are at the moment that you know that a copper won’t be there.

Anyway enough with my ranting, I’m off to Budapest on Saturday for a month of JimSlip filming. I might film some scenes for my website There’s a new update on Friday, which is a kinky one. I meet a tramp and seduce him. I do love a bit of rough now and again!

Have a good week!

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