Monday, 22 August 2011

Not going to The Reading Festival

Well I thought I'd rattle of another hick blog as they've been rather erratic over the last month.
In my last blog I mentioned Reading Festival. Well, a lovely new client of mine said that he would put me and my pal Paige on the guest list for the Sunday of Reading festival. My first festival, i'm soooo excited. Now i'm sure that he was saying that it was the next weekend after the end of my last tour (which would have been 6th/7th August). I looked at the Reading festival website, checked the band was on the Sunday, oops, no the band is playing on the Saturday. Texted him, 'doh he says, yeah i'm playing on Saturday'. Me: 'So you'll make sure the days changed for my guest list yeah'? Him: No probs. hmm I have my doubts, But anyway, Paige and I ring each other on the Saturday morning, asking each other what we're going to be wearing. Obligatory wellies, check. Tissues in case no toilet roll in portals, check. Handwash after being in the portaloos, check. Loads of cash to buy bottles of water at extortionately high prices………yes, check. Ok, so I'm meeting Paige at Reading station, I've got Jimbo give me a lift to the train station and I've got my ticket already sorted. I see a woman also in wellies, leggings, short skirt and a funny hat in the station shop. She looks at my wellies, I look at hers and we give each other a knowing smile. Yes, i'm off to the festival too comrade, I think to myself.

Annnnnnnnnyway, I get on the tar and text band member. On our way see you soon! Tweeting away, 'looking forward to the festival if anyones there come and say hi'! And then I get the text back. It's not until the 27th Lara! OMFG! Texted Paige, luckily she was up for going shopping instead. In Reading in our wellies. In Reading in our wellies and it's not raining. Oh God! This is gonna be humiliating. Then all the tweets come through, 'erm, sorry Lara but the festivals 2 weeks away'. Oh, the shame! PMSL. The thing that worries me is that I looked at the Reading festival website quite a few times and the dates and it still didn't compute in my mind that this weekend wasn't the right one. I'm now also thinking, what was the woman in the shop looking at my wells and smiling for? Was it a smile or a smirk? Is there some kind of ladder of coolness in different types of wellies and mine just aren't cool? Waah this is starting to make me go a bit doo-lally thinking about all the things that have occurred due to 'not going to the Reading Festival.

Anyway, as I always say, 'Welcome To My World'. It turned out to be a fun day shopping with my pal. She's so classy, she bought 2 badges, 1 says I Love Minge and the other, Fancy a Fisting? There's so many reason I lie her as a pal, her taste in badges is definately one of them.

I'm writing this blog thousands of feet up in the air on my way to Budapest. It's the first time that I have ever been delayed in 10 years of flying to Budapest. It was an hour delay which meant I spent more money in duty free. I like flying Malev, you get treated well, the check-in staff have been the same for 10 years! And also as a frequent flyer I get to jump the check-in queue and the system stores the fact that I like an emergency exit seat and every time I get it. Haha! Jimbo is sitting in his usual window seat listening to his pops on his ipad reading Viz and laughing at Biffa Bacon. I've read my magazine and am listening to my itunes. I'm rather pleased with some cd's that arrived at my door in record time. It's Fantazias New years Eve 1991/92. I love the Rat Pack and also Easygrooves sets. I'm planning on going up to the Fantazia 20th Birthday party in Manchester. Is anyone going? These cd's remind me of dancing away in nightclubs in Kingston and Hammersmith Palais when I was 18. I originally had the cassette (remember those)!!! My favourite choon on it is Blame - Music Takes You and also You & Me by DJ Seduction. 

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