Sunday, 24 October 2010

Budapest days 5-7

Am blogging after day 2 of filming. Have filmed 2 babes for We have had Bibi (pictured above) revisitng us. She is such a babe that it was a shame to only have 1 scene of her with Jim, so I decided to get her back and let him get his mucky paws on her again. This time I dressed her up in a little kilt and then halfway through, changed my mind (it's a womans perogative, you know)! The piece de resistance is a ballerinas outfit which she looked so goddam sexy in that I wanted to shag her myself. Alas, Jimbo pulled me away and plonked the camcorder in my hands, damn you man! We also had a make-up artist doing a new look with the girls and they look uber hot, nice work T!

It's the Hungarian National holiday today celebrating their Independence in the 1956 revolution. Everything except restaurants are closed and everyone is in the streets. There are loads of bands, street festivals and such like. It put the English to shame as so very few celebrate St. Georges day. Hungarians can go out, drink from the street sellers asnd not fall about pissed, or start fights. We walked from the Metro to dinner right in front of their parliament. People were carrying Hungarian flags and we exchanged pleasantries with strangers who spoke to us along the way. We were heading for a bite to eat in Okay Italia. If you're ever in Budapest give it a try, it's on the Grand Circle between Nyugati Station and Margarit Bridge. Large portions (ooh er missus) and cheap too. We got back to the pad so knackered that we jumped into bed with a DVD. No, it wasn't anything filthy, it was Poirot. I love this little Belgium man, well actually I've got a bit of a thing for David Suchet but i'm keeping schtum about that!

Woke up early and went to the supermarket to join the queue of queues. It also seems to be a weird thing of supermarket planners here to build a huge shop and then have only 4 tills. So the queue snakes around the shop and ends up getting completely confusing with pensioners barging you out the way. It seems that this is obviously a trait of people when you get over the age of 65. I have plenty of time to perfect my sneaky basket shuffle along the floor while pretending not to sneak in queues.
 Jim Slip has a teen that i've organised for him called Anabell. She's Russian and only 19 years old. He's never seen a picture of her and when his eyes light up, i know i've chosen well. To be honest his eyes always light up. If a girl is happy and smiley then I know we're going to get a good scene. This was for again. Being a Russian, she was very slim and athletic and looked perfect in the ballerinas outfit. Oh no, not that outfit again Lara I hear you say. Yes, that outfit. She looked cute and fuckable, end of arguement! lol.You'll have to wait for these scenes until after Christmas and into the New Year I'm afraid, but they are well worth the wait.

When are you going to get a rodgering Lara, I hear you say. Well, I'm back in the UK for a week at the beginning of November, but when I get back to Budapest i'll have some serious filming to do for my website. It's being built as I write by the people who've successfully built and do the background geek stuff for JimSlip. Personally I can't wait to see it and i'll keep you posted as and when more info comes in regarding it.  Anyway, I'm going to have some quality time with Jimbo and get ready for filming another babe tomorrow for Televsion X. I'll let you know how it goes. xx 

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