Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Day 1 Budapest

So after arriving at Gatwick airport 2 hours earlier than we needed to be, Jimbo decided to have light breakfast of full English! I meanwhile, made a few calls (these people i've been trying to call since Thursday are still unobtainable/dead)????
As usual, the Malev flight seems to be parked so far away from the actual terminal that I think we've walked half way back to our house! Anway I'm writing this while un-packing my pre-prepared lunchbox. Yeah look at it and weep business boys! I havean over-flowing ham and cheese salad roll with mayo, cheese & onion crisps, chocolate, 2 bottles of water and 2 packets of mentos - you have a wedge of 3 day old bread  with a wafer of cheese or ham (such a grand selection) on bone dry bread. And no, chatting me up while Jimbo is asleep will not get you a mento or a crisp!!
Just been looking at stuff magazine. My Samsung lappy has got the best reviews and Jimbos Panasonic camera that i'm filming this TVX series on, has got even better reviews. 
Gotta say I'm a little bit nervous about filming this series. So nervous i've been having sleepless nights. However, this always happens and is just my way of making sure that I'm not complacent. Got a great bunch of girls planned for this series. All beautiful babes, who speak English and are very pro-active in the sex department. Some of them are so beautiful that I laugh - out of amazement that girls that beautiful exist - when the images the agent had sent me actually reflect the girl standing in front of me. Sometimes, they are so airbrushed that I wonder if the girl is one and the same.
I hope our flat is okay. Its in the VI District in Budapest, which if you know it, is the best District - I'm such a big head! It has the Opera house and Andrassy Utca which is home to all the high fashion shops such as Dior, Prada and Chanel. Nice! 
I hope it's sunny and that I can go to the park to get a bit of fresh air after we land. Jim will head off to the Gellert Hotel. Which is home to the best outdoor pool are in Budapest. It's so retro and old school that it feels like you've gone back in time. Inside is the spa bit. This has indoor thermal baths, steam  and the bit that Jim goes for....the massage. Men and women are seperated in all of the indoor areas, so you can go naked, except for on Sundays when it's mixed bathing. Thr massage is very good and cheap and if you give them cash here rather than paying when you first enter the spa, you get a better deal. 
After that, he'll come back to the flat, I would have unpacked everything (I like doing that...because I'm nuts) and then we'll go to dinner at Da Pippo on Andrassy. It's only 1 block from our flat and the best Italian restaurant in Budapest. It's run by an Italian family and everything is home made, rather than being a chain restaurant where it's massed produced and pre-frozen) and is just all so delicious.
Then, we'll get back to the flat, tired, talking about funny people we saw during the day, discussing 'office politics' that have popped up from various texts we've received and general Jimbo chatter (See his facebook page under Jim Slip for examples) and fall asleep. 

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