Sunday, 17 October 2010

Getting ready for Budapest

Why is it that I still haven't learnt the art of a capsule wardrobe??? Maybe in porn you can't have one and that explains the 2 suitcases sitting in the hall that weigh 40 kilos each!! Poor Jimbo, he's gonna have to lug them down the 2 flights of stairs.

I've got stuff to sort out before we fly, but just phone calls in the airport tomorrow morning. So someones going to get a nice wake-up call at 6.30am! We fly at 9.20 am but Jimbo being Jimbo wants to be tucking into his fry up inside the terminal before we fly. Why do men have to do that, arrive hours before the flight leaves, only to find out we're delayed? I'm quite content to eat airplane food, although it's getting a bit sparce on Malev so I take a huge picnic on board!! I'll be tucking in to my huge rolls, while the rest have a horrible cheese sandwich thing!

Until then, i've got enormous pent up energy. It's my own fault for going swimming so early this morning. Should've saved it. I think i'm going to drive up to Box Hill and meander round it (i'm not that fit that i'd walk up it- don't be stupid)! Can't wait until it snows, I'll be toboganning down it then! Yee ha! I'm such a big kid at heart, even my mountain bike has got a mickey mouse squeaker on it instead of a bell.

I know it's going to be cold over in Budapest, best take out some thongs and add a jumper!

Will try and blog tomorrow when get connected to the internet.

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  1. Lara, I think I love you!!! Not only are you bringing sexy back, oh my gaaaawwwwddddd, you're blowing it outta the water...