Saturday, 16 October 2010

First blog


My first blog and it's coincided with  the day that i've finally taken the plunge and got myself hair extensions. I'll be able to post some pics up when Jimbo gets his camera out and wipes clean his lens.
We're prepping for our 2 month long trip to Budapest. We're filming another hugely successful and popular Jim Slip series for Television X. I'm slightly worried as I normally worry that i've packed enough g-strings, lipgloss, hairspray and lube for the girls!!! Then i remember it's Budapest we're going to, not Mars and I expect that they have a Superdrug there too!
Right seeing as this is my first blog i'd like to say check out my facebook page under Laral Atex (they wouldn't let me have Latex as a name)??? on Sunday 17th October 2010 6-8pm for my song request hours! Yes I know you can post your own songs on your own pages but you don't get a special shout our from me (smashey) and Nicey (anonymous)... no it's not Jimbo.

Right packing time, lets hope I don't get my hair extension caught in the suitcase zip!!! xxx


  1. Good Stuff, keep up with the blogging, it's good organic web growth (ooh err).

    Look forward to seeing the extensions pics, please would you give a shout with either Precious Little Diamond or Cassanova (Levert?)tomoz on FB

    Gary (Sharpe)

  2. I seem to be your first follower haha. I have just taken you blog virginity haha

  3. Hi guys! Thanks for checking out my blog, glad you like it.