Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Budapest - lost count what day we're on

Well since I last wrote I've filmed the gorgeous Aliz with Jim Slip for a Television X show. Aliz is a stunning teen who is a real life raging nymphomaniac. While she was having her makeup done she told me that she has to have sex at least once a day. She prefers anal sex but will 'make do' with pussy sex if she has to. Well after mopping up the tea I'd sprayed out of my mouth after hearing this, she then went on to say that she had a discussion with her mother that all women should have anal sex and that really they prefer this to normal sex!!! I was falling around laughing. I mean, I can imagine Aliz, her mother and the local vicar having Sunday lunch with the start of the conversation going..... 'So Aliz, what discoveries have you made this week....'?

I can't tell you too much about the show until it's been handed over to TVX but when I can, I'll let you know and give you photos and links to previews.

Tomorrow I'm filming Jim again for our internet site. Another Russian teen. I'm planning on Russian teen month. Jim does not know this yet. I choose the girls, they arrive at the door, ding-dong goes the doorbell, Jim answers door to catch first glimpse of the girl! Ha!

Today was supposed to be my day off and rest my aching wrist - no not from wanking, unfortunately - but from holding the camera so tight yesterday that my wrist froze! But I decided I'd head off and make a nail appointment (mukorom in Hungarian). I knew that Dob street was in the Jewish quarter, I forgot that it stretches from the centre of the city to City Park and I live near City Park. By the time I found the shop, I had aching ankles too.....and a wet head as it'd been raining and I didn't have an umbrella. Yes, I was looking really hot (Not) by the end of this trudge. Made an appointment for Thursday and then went had a spot of lunch and did some shopping on Vaci Utca and Vorosmarty Square. I got some lovely red underwear and a black frilly set which has French knickers - ooh la la! I'll take some pictures and add them into my blog at some point.

Another thing I love about Budapest and there are many; is the ease of getting around the city. Trams, metro, buses, trolley buses and taxi. All modes are extremely cheap (I have a bus pass that costs £10 for 2 weeks) and once you learn what the routes are it's easy to hop on and off. So don't be afraid, give it a try if you're ever here.

Been practising some Hungarian words as my pronounciation is 'say it how it's spelt'! This can lead to really funny conversations especially with Taxi drivers. Now I live on Andrassy. I say it how it looks. Taxi driver doesn't understand. I say Andrashy and now he understands. Amazing! I've been trying to learn Bajcsky Zskalinksy (a metro station). Every time I get it wrong. I think i'm saying it right and the maske-up girl is almost banging her head on the table out of sheer frustration. It makes me laugh trying to say it as well which makes matters worse. It's said 'boishsky zalinksy'...I think. I need another lesson tomorrow. Another funny one is when they say goodbye. They say 'seeyesto' but I go around saying Tiesto! Hehehe

Just finished watching another Poirot and another bar of white choc. Thank goodness I go bombing around the city (I only have one speed - very fast) otherwise I'd be a right hefer! Right I'm going to pick up where I left off with my Jilly Cooper book Jump! Yes, I know it's complete twaddle but the horses, rolling hills, good looking guys and gals and villagey gossip remind me of Surrey. Maybe the enormous weight of this book has something to do with my wrist ache???

Anyway, tally-ho and pip pip! xx

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  1. Great reading about Hungry and the filming all the way over here in Australia
    Cheers Jason